15 Interesting and Cool Bedroom Ideas

There are a lot of cool decors and items that you can just purchase online and in retail shops. Using your creative mind and a great inspiration you will definitely come up with an amazing retreat you could ever imagine. Sure there are a lot of means and ways to make one cozy and interesting bedroom design but the real deal is, do you have what it takes to make one?

Below are our 15 Cool Bedroom Ideas that you can check out for inspiration. You can completely transform your ordinary bedroom to a one-of-a-kind sanctuary with the list of ideas we have picked for you. You see, cool bedroom designs are not only limited for kids or teenage bedrooms we also have for master bedrooms and loft bedrooms. Come on and browse through our collection and come up with the coolest bedroom design and take the originality level in your precious bedroom sky-high!

East Village Studio

East Village Bedroom Studio

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

This modern bedroom design is suited for a place with limited space and has spatial organization problem. The staircase doubles as a set of drawers is certainly a good idea. A good architect will be a great help in making this kind of bedroom design.

Urban Loft

Urban Loft Bedroom Ideas

Estudio Gutman Lehrer

This gorgeous space used every spare inch without giving up a bit of modern glamour. A very interesting, personalize space with artworks and photographs hung on the inclined ceiling to gaze above the bed. Now, how about that for cool?

Coastal Home

Coastal Home Cool Bed

Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

Transform your attic into a cozy retreat inspired with cool coastal-colors for a theme.

Arredamentidiotti Bedroom Idea


Diotti A&F

This modern contemporary bedroom design is very soothing and functional. Just take a look at how cool the lightings and the wardrobe were made to make a cozy, elegant impact.

Loft Bedroom

Loft Bedroom idea Cool

Kia Designs

Another loft bedroom design for a space-limited home. This design creates a good use of space by using the elevated area as the bed platform and underneath it, a built-in dresser to organize your stuff. Trick is to add some cool modern decors like this wall lightings.

Master Bedroom

Master Cool Bedroom

Sunscape Homes, Inc

This modern bedroom is full of patterns and textures. Its muted colors soften the strong lines creating a masculine yet soothing appeal. We love the slats behind the bed, drawing the eyes upward like a canopy and somewhat an extension of the headboard.


Altamoda Bedroom Ideas


Black and cream-white color scheme is such a versatile combination. On this modern glamour bedroom design we love how the cabinetry has been done. Everything has been tucked inside that gorgeous storage area creating a clutter-free, luxurious ambiance.


Cool Portfolio Bedroom

Varda Interiors

A special treat for parents who are looking for a cool inspiration for little boys. We bet your boys will like the idea of being able to have a mini-playground inside their own bedroom.

Teen Bedroom

Teen Bedroom

Carla Aston

A vintage modern style bedroom will certainly appeal to your teen. The bright colors, fancy patterns, and consider putting an additional headboard on each side that is against the wall to give you the look of a huge lounge perfect if your daughter loves to invite her friends over.

Studio Flat

Studio Flat Bedroom Ideas

Elif kinikoglu interiors

This is a cool idea for a studio type apartment, or to those with limited space. A moving divider to define your bedroom and your living room is clever. You can just move the divider if you want to watch your television either on your bedroom or living room, awesome!


Cool Single Bed

ZG Group

Purple lovers out there, we have a cool treat for you! This chic modern bedroom design is perfect for a teen or tween who loves versatility, confidence and comfort.

Gabriel Builders

Gabriel Builders Bedroom Idea

Gabriel Builders Inc.

Beautiful master bedroom design with a traditional, rustic touch. The gorgeous brick fireplace serves as a lovely focal point, giving it a sense of antiquity and elegance.

Mount East

Mount East Bed

Another Design International

Who wouldn’t like to have a cozy place to rest after a busy day? Let the lights work their wonders for your tired body. We love the custom-made lighting serving as lovely bedside chandeliers in this bedroom design paired with the padded walls that evokes softness and hotel-like comfort.

Modern & Simplistic

Modern & Simplistic Bed ideas

Vicki Bergelt Interior Design

Such a cool contemporary design with wall insets and cozy lighting that adds drama to this haven.

Beverly Hills Private Residence

Beverly Hills Private Residence Cool Bedroom Ideas

Studio One Plaster

What else could be more cool than a bedroom made of custom metallic walls and metallic inlaid stencil graphics like the one above?

So that concludes our 15 Cool Bedroom Ideas! That is absolutely one amazing list of unique ways to show off your bedroom. Cool bedrooms have peculiar styles that make it unique. Great light fixtures, soothing colors, striking statements or focal points are very important factors in making your bedroom cool and awesome. Sure, making it comfortable should always be a priority. We sure hope you were delighted with our list for today.