15 Stylish Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

There are many designs that we can choose to apply in redecorating or remodeling our bathroom. With that we have seen the different designs of bathrooms we featured here such as modern, contemporary, classic and the different colors of bathroom as well. We can also combine those designs to come up with another charming design. Today, we will show you the different elements of various designs for luxurious and elegant Eclectic Bathroom Designs.

These Eclectic Bathroom is said to be one of the most popular style in every part of the world today. This design refers to the combination of elements from the classic style to the modern style and by adding the unique accessories you may surely come up with an astounding Eclectic Bathroom design for your home. To give you more ideas on how it would look like you may check the 15 Eclectic Bathroom Designs below. We are pretty sure that you will be amazed on it.


Bathroom Design Ideas

Lets take a look at this elegant looking eclectic bathroom that will surely capture your interest.

Arbuckle Design

Polka dots bathroom deisgn

Arbuckle Design

Polka dots and white ceramic tiles used in this bathroom display the traditional but attractive design.

Eclectic Bathroom

Eclectic Bathroom


Black, white and blue color utilized here makes this more appealing especially the mosaic tiles beside the bath tub.

New Orleans Shotgun

modern fixtures

The combination of modern fixtures and traditional furniture make this eclectic bathroom luxurious and elegant.

Kohler Eclectic Bathroom

spacious bathroom


This spacious bathroom displays the old paintings and fixtures that are very effective for the designer to come up with an eclectic bathroom.

Eclectic Bathroom

Bathroom Design Ideas

Lisa McGee

The floral mosaic tiles applied in the wall adds additional beauty in this eclectic bathroom.

Empreinte Byzance

vivid lights


Eclectic Bathroom 4

beige mosaic tiles

Happy Irena

The vivid lights in the ceilings plus the combination of light blue and and beige mosaic tiles show how cool it is to take a bath in this tub.

Empreinte Cottage Chene

traditional elements

This spacious area is capable of using the modern and traditional elements to come up with an astounding space to relax in.

Du Bois Design

simple bathroom design

Du Bois Design

This may be a simple design but the idea of having an access to the exterior will give you enough time to relieve yourself from stress.

Unique Siam Facade

purple bathroom


This purple bathroom color with the silver fixtures highlighted the sophistication of its design as well as the glass enclosure of the shower area.

The Axor

vintage cabinet set


The vintage cabinet set in this area distinguish the traditional design to the modern design used by the designer.

natural floral elements

With the application of the natural floral elements and plain white color may surely offer the most comfortable area in the house.

bathroom design

As you can see, this bathroom is spacious as it can provide a larger space for the shower area from this bath tub space.

Bathroom Design Ideas


The shower area is enclosed with the glass materials that made this one of the most important part of the bathroom.

We can say that by combining the different elements we can come up with a more charming and relaxing mood of an eclectic bathroom. The popularity of Eclectic Bathroom designs are really helpful in achieving the client’s goal in terms of comfort and elegance. You can also look into Eclectic Living Rooms and Eclectic Dining Rooms for more eclectic inspired rooms. So what more can you say?