20 Creative Bathroom Wall Decals

Stickers or decals that you stick on your walls is one of the easiest ways to create a new look or a new feel to any space. When we check online wall decals, we usually see them on living room walls and bedrooms, but for today, we have a list that showcase an amazing line up of bathrooms wall with decals or stickers.

The designs below start from flowers, animals, plants, quotes and even cute robots – these are some of the designs that we see online or in magazines. Wall decals can either be stickers on the walls or painted. It is always an option for the client how he or she wants the decal. Let us go ahead and check out the list below and be amazed at the options we have in stored for you!

1. Black and White Animal Wall Decal

White Animal

Blount Architectural

I’m not sure if this is actually creepy at some point, but it sure is interesting and crafty!

2. Bathroom Wall Decals

Virginia Kitchens

Virginia Kitchens

Stickers are great ways of adding beauty and creativity to anyone’s spaces; just like the fishes pasted to the walls of this bathroom.

3. Butterflies Bathroom Wall Decals

Butterflies Bathroom

Morgante Wilson Architects

Pretty butterflies that accentuate the walls create a slight natural feel to this bathroom.

4. Habitat Wall Decals

Wall Pops


This decals look stunning and hand-painted. Lovely right?

5. Quirk Appeal Inside

Quirk Appeal

Mary Prince

Raindrop decals add whimsy, color and movement to the master bath. “The diagonal patterns help break up an otherwise sterile corner.

6. Seattle Contemporary Bathroom

Tamara Rosenbloom

Tamara Rosenbloom Design LLC

The wall mounted vanity is visually lighter than a traditional vanity and makes the room feel larger. And we can’t forget the giraffe – a fun and colorful accent for a true animal lover!

7. Top Floor Bathroom Addition

SF Design

SF Design Build

Tile floor and walls; single vanity; color scheme – super stunning!

8. United States Bathroom

See Materials

See Materials, Inc.

I like the round contemporary mirror above the bathroom sink.

9. Whale Bathroom Vinyl Wall Sticker

Whale Vinyl


Cute dolphin for a contemporary bathroom; reminds me of Moby Dick!

10. Ocean Animals Art Stickers

Decals UK

Wall Decals UK by Gem Designs

In this picture, we see a lovely tub and a stunning background of violet-colored underwater elements!

11. Bathroom Ducks Vinyl Wall Sticker

Vinyl Mirrorin


Who says you can’t add duckies on the wall?

12. Portobello Residence, Dublin

Residence Dublin

Optimise Design

The same colored glass from the kitchen, this time in a subtle gray, covers the walls of this shower. The hard-wearing material not only adds color but also reflects light.

13. Creative Wall Stickers Idea

Stickers Idea

Gillan Abercombie

Interesting building decals stuck to the wall. The home owner might be an Architect, Engineer or maybe a traveler.

14. Fish Bathroom Wall Stickers

Fish Bathrooms Here are cartoon-ish versions of fishes placed on the wall.

15. Fishy Dolphins Wall Stickers Bathroom Wall Art

Fishy Dolphins

Tim Cuppett Architects

Charming wall decal of fishes that come together to look like dolphins!

16. Tentacles Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker

Tentacles Vinyl

Montgomery Development Group

I’m not sure about you but this wall decal is sure interesting and unique.

17. Under the Sea

Portland Modern

Jessica Helgerson Designer

Look at all the colorful fishes you can see in this bathroom!

18. Suburban DC – Cahill Residence

Suburban DC

Out to See

Fun and cute wall decals of a tree and a few birds.

19. White Flower Vase Wall Sticker Above A Rolltop Bathtub

Flower Vase

Connie Anderson

This is one awesome flower vase filled with flowers atop a vintage-looking tub – love the color of the wall and the tub!

20. Crab Silhouette Bathroom Wall Sticker

Crab Silhouette

World of Wall Stickers

Talk about favorites! The owner of this bathroom seems to love crabs since they stuck one whole piece of crab on the wall.

This list is indeed fun and is basically a source for creativity and an inspiration for more of the artistic liking of both the clients and the designers or the decorators. It all boils down to what the client wants and how they want it done, there are tons of examples we can see online that will be useful if you decide to add wall decals on your bathrooms!