Sophisticated and Unique Suspended Hammock Bathtub

We have just featured a list of shower spaces for the bathroom. Even if it is a shower area and the function is just the same, there can still be variations in its design. Same is true with a bath tub. I know you have seen different designs of bath tubs as well as how they were installed in the bathroom. But did you know that there are also pretty creative and unique designs of bath tubs? There is even a shoe shaped bath tub! Today, we are going to show you one stunning bath tub.

This bath tub is called the Hammock Tub. It comes in black and gold colors. It combines the feeling of lounging in a hammock while unwinding in a bath. The suspended ‘Vessel’ is designed for use in a wet room. It can be filled using a floor standing tap. It is made from carbon fiber and then finished with a protective coat of clear lacquer.

Hammock Bathtub Splinter Works You would surely feel like a queen when bathing in this hanging gold bath tub.

shower The Gold Vessel is embellished with a hand-applied 24 karat gold leaf.

Hammock design This bath tub has a size of 2500- 2900Lx800W and is suspended from walls.

Hammock Bathtub The Black Vessel looks gorgeous and timeless too. It can also be a perfect choice for modern or contemporary bathrooms.

hammock bathroom The material used to make the bath tub has the ability to be formed into complex curves.

Hammock Bathtub Splinter Works Custom sizes are also available and can be trimmed up to 20 cm to allow flexible installation.

Isn’t this a sophisticated looking bathtub? This is designed by Splinter Works and have gained the attention of many companies as well as individuals too. How would you feel to have a bath tub like this? I’d choose the gold one. It looks very whimsical and classy! But the black one is lovely too and would look great in a modern bathroom. How about you, which one do you prefer?