A Modern House Concept Unveil Musicians Request in the Grove House in Israel

Different houses were made and designed intently for the owner or client’s desire and demands. Most of these clients requested for a house design and style that will suit not just their needs but will also reveal their lifestyle. Today, we will be checking how the designer successfully illustrates the requests and demands of the client who is a musician. This home is called as the Grove House and it is specifically spotted in the middle of an avocado grove in Hasharon, Israel.

Well, the designer said that they tried to minimize the number of trees they had to clear. Also the layout plan actually required them the space of six trees, but they found out that a 7th tree wasn’t able to survive and made them enlarging the porch in the house. You may see the large openings that were designed towards the north and south part of the house. Let us scroll down the page and see how these remarkable areas of the house below.

Grove House Clean and smooth texture of the house building in the exterior is highly emphasized.

Israel As you can see the tall trees successfully unveil the comfort and refreshing mood in the garden.

Modern House Concept The different fabulous type of plants in this garden may even prove that comfort and elegance is available here.

garden Lines and forms from the pathway to the house are clearly observed from here.

patio area The pebbles as well as the green grasses in the garden complements well with the geometric form of the house.

exterior house wall See how this patio was designed and seems like the stage in the opera house.

modern architectural window Glassed materials in the windows can perfectly provide the opportunity to view the panoramic scenes outside.

living space Extraordinary design and shapes of the windows ultimately shows its modern architectural concept.

kitchen area Spacious and neat living space in the house may certainly provide the most comfortable spot in the house.

green wood staircase Take a glance at the furniture set in this kitchen as well as the highly expensive equipment that also adds luxury in the house.

wood tile flooring Here’s the green staircase that breaks the white plain color of the interior.

deck patio Wooden floors match perfectly with the white walls and accessories here.

floor plan From the second level of the house, the different forms of the furniture set in the garden may presented the careful arrangement in the exterior.

Grove House Here is the Sketch Plan of the house.

As we can see the above images, we have perceived how the Neuman Hayner Architects religiously did their best in order to achieve the goals in responding on the requirements and requests of the client. What I really love in this house design is the concept of openness and connections to the exteriors. Definitely we can say that the photographs taken by Amit Gosher helped us see the creativity and elegance of the house. We hope that you can also find new ideas on the design and concept of the house that you may apply in your own house.