The Swish Details of The River Road Residence in Florida

In building our house, we can never deny the fact that aside from the labor fees that is expensive nowadays, the materials are high-priced too. When we start framing the design of our house in our minds, we are not just thinking of the architectural design but also the kinds of materials that we may use. Indeed we consider durability and sustainability of materials and this means it is expensive.

That is why, today, we will be exploring a modern and luxurious residence in Sewall’s Point, Florida. This house is named as the River Road House. This is situated in a 12,300 square feet area, and completed with high rate materials. The materials composed of glass, limestone, stucco, and mahogany. Let us look at the results of how these high value materials utilized in building the house through the images below.

River Road Residence Symmetrical shape of the house building is carefully illustrated in this well-cemented road.

Swish Details Graced with tall and huge trees and beautiful plants made this comfortable place.

Florida home designs See how these gorgeous landscapes contribute to the luxurious exterior of the house.

living room fireplace A fireplace with these high class sofa and accessories made this living area modern and charming.

breakfast nook A mini living space in the corner proves its exquisiteness through the white and soft sofa with the red velvet chandelier.

indoor lighting Arrayed LED lights installed in the second level of the house emphasized the texture of the wooden floor and glazed walls.

bedroom design Spacious master bedroom presented a comfortable and luxurious mood.

classy black chair Classy black chair set in this area take the full advantage of the river in the exterior.

granite bathroom Mosaic tiles are perfectly utilized in this bathroom to explain hygiene and comfort.

mini sink Trendy faucet and fixture in this sink is enough to tell how modest this house is.

lawn swimming pool This astounding garden features the cool swimming pool that provides relaxing and quiet place in the house.

pool area From this terrace, the fresh water in the swimming pool may augment the luxurious features of this house.

patio area The shape and forms of this house building may simply define the careful and strategic plan layout made by the designer.

indoor lighting Vibrant lights installed in the entire house enhance the dimensions and levels of the house structure.

zen design Curve and straight lines seen in the house building boost its modern development.

River Road Residence At night, the luxurious style and concept may still be revealed from the interior to the exterior.

As we have witnessed how the Hughes Umbanhowar Architects make use of those materials in the interior and exterior, we can really say that this house is expensive. The designer effectively applied the ideas and advantages of the durable materials to its designated areas. We may say that the guests of the homeowner will really be inspired to consider expensive materials to achieve the aspect of durability and sustainability. We hope that you may also consider using expensive but durable and sustainable resources in building your future house.