A Sunny Terrace in the Luxurious Casa do Pego in Portugal, Comporta

An amazing simple yet luxurious home is today’s featured house. This has a significant, exceptional and clean architectural design. The designer combines and utilized the large windows, pine wood deck shades and an amazing terrace behind it. Well this house is located in one of the most exclusive places in Portugal, Comporta. This can be reached on a minimum of five minutes walking distance from the Pego Beach.

Speaking of Pego Beach, it is well known to be one of the best Portuguesse beach for several years because of its clean waters, sand and easy accessibility. This house is named after its location which is Casa do Pego. The main concept of the house is to merge the surrounding territory with the help of the species in the nature for instance the pine trees. As you can see the land is sculptured like a sand dune, sprinkled with typical beach species that aims for a graceful and modest landscaping. Let us check more of the different areas of this house through its images below.

Casa do Pego A luxurious house seated in the middle of the sand may surely captivate your heart.

Sunny Terrace Take a look at the exclusive form and dimensions of this house that describe its uniqueness.

Luxurious Casa Numerous trees and green plants are systematically arranged and planted in its landscape.

Comporta house design The heat of the sun attracts the client to stay and enjoy the pool area here.

fireplace design Chosen colorful accessories by the designers are intended to harmonize with the furniture in the interior.

stylish dining set Expensive and modern stylish furniture are employed in this kitchen to make this more innovative.

decking Wooden floor and walls are preferred by the client as well as the designer to have an exceptional and more appealing terrace.

open living area At daytime, the sun’s rays can still access the interior through the glass material in its walls.

bathroom Stone type of tiles is efficient to unite the interior to its exterior.

wood lines You may notice that the lines and volumes are clearly exposed in the walls of this house.

swimming pool The cool and fresh water in this rectangular pool is enough to make this area more comfortable and magnificent.

exterior design In a man’s eye view, the terrace serves as the main attraction in the entire house.

lawn area Looking closely at the terrace, you may see the geometrical figure of this house.

landscape The stillness of the surroundings is observed when the sunset comes but still it displays the sophistication of the house.

Casa do Pego Looking at the exterior of the house from afar may give you an opportunity to see that the house design still stands out in the middle of green plants and trees.

Looking at the upper level of the house, you may see a sunny terrace together with a fabulous private pool. This 30-squar meter pool was built using with a micro-cement finishing that brings out an extraordinary exterior. Also this has a water heating system that will ensure the client that they can use it for the entire year. Well this luxurious villa was effectively designed by Pedro Ferreira Pinto – casadopego.com. This extremely provides comfort and relaxation to the client as well to its guest.