Malouna Villa: A Breathtaking Beach Front Home in Thailand

A stunning beach front house with impressive features both inside and out.

It is everyone’s dream to live in a home that has a vacation feel so that they will have that relaxing and comfortable surrounding all the time. For sure, going home from a hard day’s work would be fulfilling once you have a home that faces the beach because the mere sound of the waves is already very de-stressing. How much more if the house design itself is really a stunner and fits to the kind of lifestyle you want? There are many modern and contemporary homes that sit in front of the ocean which reflects the beauty of the waters while making sure that it has everything a modern family needs. We have seen that in beach houses we have featured on Home Design Lover and we have another stunning home located in front of a beach to add to that list.

The house is named the Malouna Villa which is a private residential home located on the North Coast of Koh Samui Island in Thailand. It has a modern design both in the exterior and interior of the house. It also features a modern pool area with a lovely landscaped yard. And from the home, one can see the beauty of the ocean which is the highlight of the home’s location. The surrounding beauty brings more value to the house and makes the homeowners feel more relaxed and comfortable. For sure, guests would love to spend some days in their lovely home too. Malouna Villa is designed by Sicart and Smith Architects which lie right on LaemNoi Beach, boasting 45m (or 147 feet) of pristine beach frontage. Let us take a look at the house below.

Location: North Coast of Koh Samui Island in Thailand

Designer: Sicart and Smith Architects

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: A modern beach front house which has a stunning pristine beach view. It has a modern exterior and interior design that creates a relaxing feel.

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The design of the house has a modern appeal not just for the architecture of the structure but even for the landscaping and outdoor area. This way, an overall stunning modern feel is being achieved.

Sicart and Smith Architects

You can also see the mix of materials being used for the home which is highlighted during the night when the lights are on. Isn’t is lovely? And of course, the pool area is really something that all of us would love to own. Just totally stunning indeed!

modern home

What you can see here is the entrance gate of the house. It also has a modern design like the rest of the property. Even the pavers are creatively arranged and weren’t just placed side by side each other. The trees and plants add appeal to the area.

Malouna Villa

When one enters through the large pivoting doors, he will be greeted by a landscaped yard and several different pavilions. Such a unique entry area, right?

Malouna Villa garden

The pavilion to the right side of the property is home to two of the 7 bedrooms which are included in the villa. You can also see the view of the beach here which looks really relaxing with the green lawn that we can also see.

Malouna Villa side

The wooden slats on the exterior acts as a screen to prevent too much sunlight to get into the house since it has floor-to-ceiling windows. Aside from that, it also brings more visual appeal to the area as it compliments with the white exterior.

Malouna Villa facade

You can see that this one has bedrooms in it that has direct access to the outdoor area. You can also see here how the wooden slats functions and shield the space for direct light from the sun.

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Malouna Villa dining edge

In this photo, you can see how close the villa is to the ocean. It appears like one can just take a dip into it when he wants to.

Malouna Villa green

When you follow the path around, there is another bedroom pavilion and a large indoor/outdoor entertaining area in the property. Seen here are the two different structures that comprise the villa.

Malouna Villa pool area

The house is open to the outdoors wherein it has an entertaining pavilion which also includes a long swimming pool. And when we say long, it really is long like what you can see here. The pool faces the ocean as well.

Malouna Villa outdoor

There is a sunken area in the middle of the swimming pool where one can sit and rest. If I am not mistaken, it has a fire pit in the middle.

Malouna Villa pool

Wooden decking is used for the outdoor space around the pool which is a good contrast to the concrete flooring of the house as well as with the black frames too.

Malouna Villa pool lights

When the lights are on, the house looks really stunning even the pool area. You can observe that the lighting of the house brings a lot of drama and style into the area making it even more beautiful.

Malouna Villa inside

Inside the house, one can see the ocean as well as the pool area. The living room is large and features a custom shelving unit where various items are displayed.

Malouna Villa furniture

The sofa which sits on wood faces outward to take advantage of the views. The design of the sofa is nice indeed. It fits to the look of the entire area.

Malouna Villa interior

A better view of the living area with wooden furniture and soft white cushions. You can also see that from here, the outdoor beauty can be seen which is a lovely compliment to the space.

Malouna Villa house

Like the outdoor space, the interior is also enhanced when the lights are on. Notice the stunning look of the vases that were lighted!

Malouna Villa bar

Next to the living area, one can see a large dining area and kitchen area. Notice that the dining chair uses the same materials as that in the living area.

Malouna Villa kitchen

The black kitchen is a good contrast to the white living area featuring metallic and wooden accents. It sure is a nice looking space especially with the glass backsplash. That wall accent also looks lovely as well with pops of yellow in it.

Malouna Villa sink

While doing chores in the kitchen, one can get a view of the ocean which is reflected in the kitchen backsplash. It sure is a nice feature in the kitchen.

Malouna Villa bath

In the bathroom, there is a standalone tub in the center of the room. Notice that the walls are dark gray and there are wooden accents everywhere.

Malouna Villa vanity

Aside from a bath tub, the bathroom also has a toilet with a sliding glass door as well as an open shower area.

I am sure that you would love to live in this house because we want to do that too! It would be very relaxing to see the beauty of the ocean while you are in your own home. It is like spending holidays everyday! This house is designed by Sicart and Smith Architects and apparently, they did a great job with this home because of how it turned out. They surely considered the surrounding and how the homeowners can establish a connection between their home and the surroundings. Lovely, right?