Elegantly Beautiful and De Luxe Details Highlighted in Tresarca in Las Vegas, Nevada

There are many aspects that we may consider in choosing the most comfortable and luxurious house design. If we choose to stay in the rural areas we must adjust when it comes to the size of the location or if you are in the urban areas we can also check the surroundings if it complements with the design and concept. But today, we will see how the designer creatively designs a house in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many people are saying that Nevada is a state of two worlds and that is referring to the glitz and glamour which really known all over the world.

Designers from different parts of the globe also contributed much on the developing architectural designs in every corner of this state. A house named Tresarca which is spotted in Las Vegas is our featured house for today. And this house will simply unfold the two important features of the modern architecture which is elegance and luxury. Let us check the different areas of this house through the images below.

Tresarca House Take a look at how this building stunningly stands in the middle of these artistically arranged plants in the exterior.

Las Vegas Nevada Geometric forms and lines remarkably underscore its modern and luxurious design.

geometric exterior design See how this fire place in the middle of the living space sets the romantic and passionate mood in the interior.

unique fireplace Comfortable furniture and accessories arranged well in the interior underline its finest and durable quality.

living room The wooden table in the dining space complements with the exceptionally expensive lamps hanged here.

dining table Spacious area near the staircase and entrance may still explain its comfortable and neat space.

staircase Smooth and flawless texture of this kitchen table harmonized with the trendy chairs set here.

kitchen island Different shapes and sizes of the accessories and furniture simply provide the elegance and great style of the kitchen and dining space.

kitchen and dining area The carpet in this charming bedroom may also reveal its rough texture that balances the smooth and warm color utilized in the walls and ceilings here.

bedroom A unique lamp set in this chocolate brown bedroom essentially connects the interior to the garden outside.

master bedroom In the patio area, the client may also experience its luxurious ambiance for its outdoor fireplace here.

patio area Rocks perfectly arranged on the floor of this modern bathroom may still emphasize its elegance and charm.

rock floors The designer also provided a special space outdoors where the client can fully take the advantage of the beautiful and rich nature.

outdoor deck An infinity pool is set in this area where the client as well as its guest can enjoy the refreshing water and fascinating look of the exterior.

infinity pool A comfortable zone is still accessible in this pool area where the client can conveniently sit down and stare at the beautiful sunshine.

pool lounge At night, the lights in the swimming pool as well as the furniture set here enhance the ambiance of this area.

Tresarca House We can never deny the fact that the lighting system implemented in the exterior is very effective in maintaining its luxurious theme.

The photographs provided by Bill Timmerman and Zack Hussain were very effective in highlighting the different essential parts of the house. These extremely reveal its luxurious and elegant style and designs. Personally, I am captivated with the design of the building as well as the pool area for its spacious and luxurious experience that would surely be observed from its design. We hope that you may also utilize splendid designs and concept of the assemblageSTUDIO for your future home.