The Razor Residence: A Breathtaking Luxury House of the Ironman

Overlooking the sea and nature, this luxurious house sways the borders between the busy life in the city and the breathtaking views of the ocean to embrace the natural world. Who will say no on this kind of perfect scene that you can see in your own house? Well, fortunately the popular movie Ironman shows the marvelous luxury house that is the same with this. Tony Stark’s house in the movie will be featured in this post. It truly exist in real life and is located in La Jolla Cliffs, California.

This mind blowing 11,000 sq. ft glass and white polished concrete structure lies in the Torrey Pines State Reserve. This is made up of four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a wonderful two level guest house and it has private access to the Blacks beach. This splendid house known as the Razor Residence was designed by Wallace E. Cunningham. We know that Ironman movie garnered a lot of awards and trophies and this house will not just receive compliments but will achieve its goal to be the cherry on top of anyone’s sundae, right?

Certainly the people of California are very proud of this house that is seated in their state. While many is captivated of how the marvelous architectural design transforms its beauty from morning until evening. In no doubt this can be truly acknowledged as one of the most unique modern magnificent assets in the entire globe. Well, why don’t we catch a glimpse of some pictures of Cunningham’s extravagant Razor Residence?


In the morning, the sun spotted the polished white concrete structure reflected in the glass.

Razor Residence

The curves and lines in this edifice is carefully planned and skillfully designed as it complements the elegant effects of the glass wall.

Infinity Pool

It shows how this sophisticated infinity pool unlock the beauty of the nature and the designed residence.

Luxury home design

Little by little as the sun starts to rest in the well-known Black’s Beach in California, it begins to change the mood of the entire place.

Ironman home design

As you can see the white concrete paint of the structure is now turning into gold because of the sparkling effect of the sunset.

Courtyard design

It’s not just the color that changes but also the mood in the house that is vividly signified with darkness.

fence wall design

As the sun rises again, its goal to attract people to see the patterns and the architectural design of the house is confidently seen here.

outdoor view

This simple curve attracts the visitor to see more of the secrets behind its extravagant design.

Courtyard lights

The twilight indescribably reaches the soothing privacy in the courtyard.

Infinity Pool

The geometric sketch of the estate features the impression of the airflow, seating and placement that explains the never-ending sight of the sea to craft a unique crowned property.

Living Room

You will see the mixture of form and function in fabulous nature in the floor to the ceiling glass that encircles the central hub of the property.

sitting area

Even the furniture finds its perfect place to complement its beauty.

Masters Bedroom

The master bedroom also shows more spaces and elegant furnishings that is appropriate for the home.

bedroom seat

The sun’s rays in the horizon symbolically defines the unwavering elegance of the house as it gently draw closer to it.

glass wall

The serenity, calm and the peaceful idea that can be experienced in this house is perfectly accomplished.

Interior design

You will see here the unexpected proportions and the amazing piece of architectural design placed before of you.

Razor Residence

Again when the sunset gets nearer it means that there is another height of art that will arrive.


Spotted here is the dazzling garage that shows off an exclusive pair of legendary Aston Martin deluxe cars that Stark used in his Ironman Movie.

Floor Plan

This is the floor plan of the Razor Residence.

Now that you see the different parts of the Razor Residence you will say that this is really a product of not just of an artistic mindset but of sharp thinking, right? This is a great masterpiece of Wallace E. Cunningham , the designer of this Razor Residence,, who remarkably attained his goal. It’s worth a lot of hard work to make this expensive house into reality. Like for example the infinity pool that imitates the serenity of the place as well as the landscape of the courtyard.

Obviously, the linear architectural components of the house are centered on the exciting arrangement of the floors, ceilings and the edge of the light all over the compound. Wallace definitely exhibited the transformation of its appearance from morning till dawn. Now I realized why Tony Stark chooses this design and style because it truly fits the theme of the Ironman the movie as well as the character of the protagonist. With that, the Razor Residence of today is totally accepted as one of the most phenomenal luxury in the world.