The Simple Yet Captivating Centennial Tree House in Singapore

Spotted in the East Coast Parkway of Singapore is a contemporary house. With an area of 8,400 square feet, the designer was able to respond to all the requests and demands of the client in order to complete this house. This contemporary house is called as the Centennial Tree. Maybe we can ask what the secrets behind its name are. That question may probably be answered by the featured elements and characters that will be revealed here.

Originally, the client demanded to have a house design with external blank walls, fixed screens and a center courtyard intended to be able to experience the sufficient light and air inside the house. If we can take a look at the building of the house we can clearly perceive the architectural elevation on its three sides. There is no yard and opening back of the house instead there is a pebbled pathway. This pebbled pathway is located in between the timber screen and blossoming polyalthias. Let us check the other requested features of this Centennial House, scroll down the page so we can see all the images that will prove that all the client’s demands are met.

Centennial Tree House You may carefully see the straight lines and smooth texture that is well presented in the main entrance of this house.

Simple home design Definitely you may realize that there is something more to reveal in the dark palette and geometrical form of this house here.

Singapore home design Let’s take a glance at the remarkable tree planted in the courtyard of this house.

middle tree This tree carefully set in the middle of the exterior explains the main elements and character of the house.

elegant chandelier This astonishing and stylish chandelier highlighted the surprising features of this house.

indoor garden Standing in the second level of the house is the best way to take the full advantage of this much captivating views in the garden.

bedroom The clients request to have an opportunity to see the green tree is now possible as they used the glassed walls in this bedroom.

staircase The wooden stairs helps the client to explore more of the features in the upper level of the interior.

wood line wall This extraordinary tree in the heart of the exterior may captivate the clients and his guests.

indoor water element Let’s take a closer look at the branches of this tree that may surely add life in the exterior.

window glass The glass may perfectly match with the wooden materials in this edifice.

bathroom The wooden cladding materials in the walls can still allow the sun’s rays to access the bathroom.

bookshelf The space may be limited but the glass materials are very effective to have a wider space as well.

kitchen lighting The space may be limited but the glass materials are very effective to have a wider space as well.

indoor lighting Even at night this wonderful tree can provide stunning and unique outcome that makes this area more simple and calm.

exterior design When evening starts the interior of the house still fascinates the client for its superb lights.

Centennial Tree House The entrance of the house attests that there are more special elements to offer inside the house.

It is called the Centennial Tree House because of the old Frangipani Tree which is found specifically in a large grassed courtyard in the center of this house which is said to originate somewhere in Holland Road. Figuratively, the client chose this tree to represent purity and the simplicity of life which is always worth to be honored always. That is why this tree has a significant role in providing life and style in the house design. This is completed successfully by the Wallflower Architecture + Design. We hope that you find additional ideas and inspiration in this Centennial House which you can apply in your dream house.