The Water Lily House in Singapore Features a Central Water Court

Having a beautiful landscape is one dream of every house owner. And if we talk about landscaping, there are many things that we can do. We could add some hardscape, sculptures, structures and even water features. Water features may vary from a small water fountain to a man-made pond. Having a water feature in the house would add a calming atmosphere with the sound of the flowing water and it would also bring a cold air to the area. There are others even have a water court in their homes just like the house that what we are going to feature today.

This Water Lily House is another beautiful house design from Guz Architects. Their goal in the design it to have a residence with seamless integration of the surrounding nature. They also made sure that it has privacy from the neighboring homes. There are roof gardens in the house too. It surrounds a central water court which is the focal point of the house. The upper roof gardens connect the more private bedrooms of the house where one can get a good view of the courtyards. Come take a look at this breathtaking residence in Singapore.

The architecture of the house has that Guz Architect mark with a modern and contemporary feel and some touch of nature too.

Singapore You can see here that there is a part of the house that is single storey while there is also another area that is two-storey.

Water Lily House The house is surrounded with lush green plants that also adds a Zen feel to it.

swimming pool area This is the central water court of the house that will make you feel like you are just out in the park.

garden design It is indeed a beautiful sight and being in here is very relaxing as if you are always on a holiday.

water court The water court can be seen from the private bedrooms. It would be a lovely sight during the night too!

roof garden design Another amazing feature of the house are the roof gardens that surround the water courtyard.

natural house design I can say that the house design integrated architecture and nature really well.

interior glass walls The interior of the house has glass windows from ceiling to flooring. Take a look at the colors in the living area.

hallway outdoor A hallway in the house that leads outdoors as well to the other spaces of the home. I am not sure about the material used for the walls but whatever it is, it is very gorgeous!

Water Lily House Take look at these louvers. On one side are small horizontal louvers while on the others side are big vertical ones. Lovely, right?

Isn’t this house a stunner? Well, it sure is! Anyone who takes a look at it will no doubt fall in love with its design. I love the idea of having a water court as the central feature of the house and the roof gardens as well. Who wouldn’t love to have roof gardens, anyway? This house is another masterpiece from Guz Architects. We have featured many different amazing homes from them and like the rest, this one impressed us. Can you tell us what you love most about this house?