A Lovely White House on a Hill in South Africa

Want to live in a white house? This could be the home of your dreams!

If you are looking for a safe natural color, white will always be the best because even if you pair it with other colors, it will still look good and amazing. It works well for the interior and even for the exterior of the house. Add color to the space from the decors as well as from other home accessories. The lighting also has a huge impact to the house as well especially if you have decided to use white to use for most of the areas.

A very white home located in an area that is called, The Heads in Knysna, South Africa is designed by Studiovision Architecture. The architecture of the home has a modern design with sleek lines and geometric shapes. The home sits on a hill with great views of the water and also of the valley below it. The landscaping of the house has been kept to a minimum with carefully placed trees that add appeal to the area. Meanwhile, the interior also has white colors all over it even in the furniture. But it looks really nice, neat and organized. If you are someone who wants everything to look neat and refreshing, then it would be good to use white. And this home is a good inspiration for you.

Location: The Heads in Knysna, South Africa

Designer: Studio Vision Architecture

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: A home with white colors from the exterior to the interior featuring a modern design and a lovely landscaping.

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This is the facade of the house. Isn’t it lovely yet simple? It sure is. You can see that the plants are lighted as well as other features of the fence.

Studio Vision Architecture

The house has a wide outdoor area that is covered with stone for a simple modern look. It also added some plants into it. This landscape is a good balance with the lush green trees outside and around the property.

modern house

During the night, the entry to the home is lit up making it a focal point. You can also see that the landscaping is simple but also added lights into it just like what they did to the plants.

White House

The home features multiple outdoor living spaces that take advantage of the view around it. it also has lovely outdoor furniture so that the homeowners and his guests can spend time chatting and relaxing here while enjoying the views.

White House living area

The living area of the house is indeed very relaxing. I like the pendant lights it used here and also its choice of furniture. A white center table with sleek corners sits on top of a gray area rug that breaks the whiteness of the space.

White House divider

What divides the living area and the dining area is a wall that bears the television. You can also see here a bar which is placed along the glass wall. It is nice to add wooden accents in the space.

White House cabinet

In the lower level of the house, there is a large cabinet that floats off the ground and it is highlighted by the hidden lighting that comes from underneath the cabinet. You can notice that the lighting has a great impact to the look of the house.

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White House kitchen area

White also fills the kitchen area with a small dining space. The long white kitchen features an under-mount lighting which adds appeal to it. You can notice here that the only thing breaking up the white, is a stainless steel oven.

White House railings

Glass railings are used to keep the streamlined white look all throughout the home. On the upper level you can see seating areas as well as a dining area. From here, one can also take a look at the outdoor beauty through glass doors. You can also get a glimpse of the home gym in this photo.

White House glass

Seen here are large sliding glass doors that open to the main living area. Aside from the view, you can also notice that in the area there is beautiful furniture. The living area is defined by the gray area rug.

White House bedroom

This is the bedroom of the house with amazing views from the large floor-to-ceiling windows. There is also enough room for a small home office with a floating desk. Notice the design of the bed with wheels.

White House bathroom

The white spacious bathroom of the house has enough room for a standalone bathtub. It also has enough room for a double shower with glass enclosure and double vanity. What I found lovely here is that pendant light just above the bath tub.

White House 3D

The balcony which is off the main living area features an alfresco dining and an outdoor kitchen. The furniture used in the space area also white like the ones in the interior. Since this part is near the pool, it has floor drains to make sure it will remain dry.

White House dining

Aside from the dining area inside the house, there is also an outdoor dining space with a wooden table. You can see here a bar seating that has been added along the window. One can drink wine or maybe even read a book while looking outside.

White House view

From the home, one can get a picturesque view of the mountains and the oceans. This adds great value to the home especially with all the trees around it.

A white home looks really nice indeed especially when combined with sleek lines. The modern design of the house also looks stunning as well especially with its lighting. This home is designed by Studio Vision Architecture who apparently did an amazing job both in the interior and the architecture of the home. Well, this home shows us that even if it is in all white colors, it will surely look very nice and attractive. The interior of the house is very comfy complete with modern furniture designs and accessories. So if you want a white house, for sure this home is a good inspiration for you! What can you say?