C House: Black and White Volumes in a Modern Home in Romania

Modern homes have that trend of using contrasting colors. There is even that milk and chocolate combination that had been famous for modern home designs. Others use black and white while still others using gray and other shades that are neutral. Aside from the colors, what is common in modern homes are the sleek lines that we see in them as well as the different volumes too.

Today, let us take a look at another modern home design. This is called the C House. We have featured a home before with the same name but of course, it was a different home. This one is located in Timisoara, Romania showing off a heterogeneous character pertaining to its volumes, alignment and colors. This home has black and white volumes and straight lines that make it look clean and strong. White highlights the horizontal volume and the vertical dynamics of the house. Join us in this virtual tour of the house below.

Look at this beauty. Isn’t this something you always dreamed of? I guess it really is.

Timisoara Romania From every corner of the house you can see how beautiful and modern it is.

C House From the courtyard and pool area that has a neat modern landscaping.

lawn area To the varying volumes of the house in black and white.

geometric exterior design On this side of the house, you can see a garage and how creative the window designs are.

white stone outdoor While on this side of the house, you will see a the white stones that fill the spaces from the house to the green lawn.

exterior view And there is dramatic lighting everywhere from outside to inside the house.

miniature tree design This tree stands with pride as it add a charming natural feature to this area.

living room Inside the house are black and white colors too with a modern furniture that is comfy and simple.

white staircase Wood is used for the flooring of the house while it also used glass for some parts of it.

long couch set Beautiful and neat indeed. White will never fail and its favorite partner is no other than its contras color, black.

modern kitchen area The design of the kitchen is almost futuristic with a leaning kitchen island.

futuristic kitchen design Even this wall system with the oven and working area has a modern futuristic design too.

minimal bedroom design While the bedroom looks minimal yet sophisticated charmed with a canopy bed.

bathroom Glass enclosure is used for the shower area in this white bathroom.

toilet area Another bathroom with a mix of patterns for the wall tiles.

C House Let us take one last glimpse of the house. It really is a modern beauty!

Gorgeous modern home, right? I am sure you will agree with me because of what you have seen in the images above. I also like the pool area and outdoor space where we can be one with nature. This house design is done by Parasite Studio and they were really able to come up with a home that is cozy, beautiful and functional both indoors and outdoors.