The Exquisite Modern Thorncrest House in Toronto, Canada

What make a home beautiful are not just its exterior finish or its design but the volumes and depths that can be seen from its architecture. Many home designs are done with different volumes and levels which bring out the grandeur of the structure’s stateliness. Our house feature today called Thorncrest House is one house design that uses volumes and geometric lines summing up to a modern house with subtle luxurious appeal. This house is designed by the Altius Architecture for a family of 6 situated in Toronto, Canada.

The exterior of the house has a distinctive blue zinc cladding and Spanish cedar accents which make it appear attractive even for passersby. An open concept space with double height living room surrounded by a catwalk is featured in the interior where private spaces are arranged in a manner to give way to the public areas. For the basement area, natural daylight exposure was considered easing its transition to grade via a sunken pool, deck and grass terraces. Want to see the exquisiteness of the Thorncrest House? Scroll down and feast on its beauty below:

Altius Architecture

The blue zinc cladding in the exterior of the house lends it a distinct feature that sets it apart from other homes.

Toronto house design

Varying volumes of the house creates depth in its appearance.

Thorncrest House

The landscaping of the house alleviate the splendor of the house especially that there are varying colors seen from the plants.

 Living Room

The living room’s sofa set in black looks perfect as it is being highlighted with the abstract area rug under it.


The lighting is a soft addition to the space that looks poufy. Since the interior has an open layout, a creative striped wall partition attached to the ceiling was added to define the living area and dining area.


The modern fireplace brings in warmth and drama to the living room.


Adding a shelf is one way to create partition for the interior just like what is seen in this sunken living room.


The glossy red kitchen cabinet and the red counter-height chairs are bold elements that certainly upgrade the appeal of the kitchen.

 Dining Room

The dining area is sandwiched between the living area and kitchen. Its wooden dining table is a perfect complement to the wooden ceiling and flooring on the elevated area.


From this angle, you can clearly see that the living, dining and kitchen are sunken.


Glass railings are always the trend for modern interiors because aside from adding some crisp to the space, it also allows light to bounce all around the house to make it look a lot more spacious and bright.


Marble top for the bathroom storage and tub is seen here. That sliding frosted glass door brings in a luxurious look to the space.


The bathroom uses wood for most of its furniture. The shower and toilet areas have mosaic walls and flooring in gray.


A closer look at the tub with marble enveloping wood.

Thorncrest House

Aside from the kitchen, you can also see a red glossy cabinet on this side of the house.

The design of the house done by Altius Architecture is no doubt impressive. Its deep roof overhangs and cantilevered volumes provide shading to the house while its exterior materials make it appear like a gem. Its interior reflects sophistication as well as comfort at the same time. Its open layout makes it cozier providing easy access to different areas of the house even to the basement. Overall, the house is a lovely house and an exquisite sight in Toronto, Canada!