Astounding Look and Features of the Casa Jabuticaba in Alphaville, Londrina Brazil

A sleek looking modern home that gives value to natural resources around it.

Do you think it is effective to associate the house design to the natural resources found in the area where you planned to build your own house? The modern houses of today most of the time made sure that their house is associated or at least related to the trees, landscape, mountains, oceans and other natural resources that surrounded the area. Designers as well as the homeowners strongly believed that the contributions of these natural elements are effective in making a house elegant and luxurious as well. Today, we will share to you a house design that effectively employs the environment. This house is named as the Casa Jabuticaba.

Casa Jabuticaba mainly creates a clear dialog between the natural elements and the building. According to the designer the primary concept of this project was to house a tree in a building and at the same time integrate the environmental energies. As you can see the building develops in the area of a Jabuticaba tree that has an emotional value to the owners. The said tree belongs to the homeowner where she spent her childhood years. Scroll down the page and enjoy the different amazing areas of this Casa Jabuticaba through the images below.

Location: Alphaville, Londrina, Brazil

Designer: Raffo Arquitetura

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-story

Unique feature: The house is designed with the tree in a building that mainly associates the environmental factors to create a clear dialog between the natural elements as well as the house building. A water drain system was projected to utilize the height of the house to harvest rainwater on the roof and distribute it all throughout the house by gravity.

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building See how the different trees and the beautiful landscape underline the contemporary and glamorous design of this house. The geometrical figure of the house building is revealed through the smooth and rough texture of the pavement.

landscape Take a glimpse on the materials utilized in the house building that made this more captivating. The house building complements with the attractive and stunning landscape in its front area.

lighting Lighting system is effectively applied in the exterior as it emphasizes the fascinating design and well-trimmed plants here. Lines and edges speaks of modern and fashionable concept of the building.

furniture Remarkable shapes and curves of the furniture in the living space perfectly jive with the concept and theme of the interior. You can see how the designer meticulously arranged the accessories and furniture in the different zones of the house.

glass windows Large windows and glassed sliding doors allow the client to take the full advantage of the natural beauty in the garden. Sustainable light can also be accessed from the interior every morning.

open layout Wooden round table and chairs highlighted the connection of the house to the elements in the exterior. Open layout stressed the importance of the environment in the concept of the house.

modern kitchen Grey and white palette harmoniously emphasize the geometric forms and concept of the cabinets and table in this modern kitchen.

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kitchen pool Homeowners may easily access the swimming pool and the kitchen at the same time to ensure the connection of the interior and the exteriors here.

outdoor space This large swimming pool is one of the essential spaces in the outdoor areas. Great comfort and charm is undeniably well presented here.

staircase Outdoor staircase is also designed here so that the homeowner can even enjoy the second level of the house exterior. Wooden floors blended well with the checkered tiles in the swimming pool.

Casa Jabuticaba pool Different elements are highlighted in this pool area. Wooden and concrete materials were effectively underscore the modern features of this house.

Contemporary House Incredible lighting system in the interior also improves the look of the living space that made this more attractive.

Alphaville, Londrina Brazil Well-lighted interiors and exteriors remarkably expose the prevailing trees surrounded by this contemporary house.

Raffo Arquitetura At night, the front area of the house creates a very astounding look and space. The luxurious lights enhanced the entire space that may certainly wow the guests of the homeowners.

Casa Jabuticaba Here is the Sketch Plan of the house.

This house project designed by Raffo Arquitetura is truly a dream come true for the homeowner, when she created the concept of the house when she was still young. The design of the house highlighted the involvement of the tree. The exterior of this house is also enhanced with this large swimming pool that adds comfort and relaxing space here. I am pretty sure that you were inspired to apply some of these features in your dream house in the future.