A Stunning Contemporary Extension of a 1901 Home in Australia

An old home has a lovely addition that brought more beauty and function to the house.

Sometimes, there are things that we want for our home but the floor area we have isn’t enough to accommodate all that. Because of that, we resort for an extension of our home, which is of course possible if you still have available lot area. If not, you can go up to expand, but you also have to consider the foundation of your home if you could add more stories or more floor area on the upper whatever. Well, if you do not know all that, for sure your contractor and designer will be able to explain that. So, if you are thinking of an extension, we are going to show you one today that will surely inspire you.

The homeowners wanted to have a small studio, a workshop and a basement and they commissioned Keen Architecture for the job. Because of what the homeowners want for their home, they ended up having a full extension for this house located in Fremantle, Australia. The result is very beautiful! The house turned out really nice and the new contemporary extension complimented with the existing architecture of the house. For sure, you will admire the home after you see that in the images below.

Location: Fremantle, Australia

Designer: Keen Architecture

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: A house built in 1901 had a contemporary extension that added function and appeal to the house.

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You are looking at the extended portion of the house with wooden exterior, metal features and glass doors. I can see that the house has a spacious lot because even if they already extended its floor area, there is still available space for the yard. At least, the kids can still have enough space for outdoor play!

Keen Architecture

The facade of the house shoes how the original home looked like. The limestone and brick quoin house which was built in 1901 was also partially restored as you can see in this picture. And it is a good idea to retain parts of the old house because it looked really nice with the contemporary addition.

contemporary home

The contemporary extension involved adding new living spaces, a kitchen, reworking the existing heritage rooms, and a workshop that is large enough to build plane parts. In the photo, you can see the staircase, the hallway and the foyer of the house after it was redesigned.

Contemporary Extension light

A casual living room that is filled with natural light is added to the house. You can notice that the living area has concrete walls and floorings in gray color. A low cabinet has a marble finish that is a good accent to the gray space.

Contemporary Extension

The house features curved glass windows and doors which opens the space up to the backyard. It also leads to a patio where you can see a grill. With the looks of it, the area outside is an excellent space for an outdoor party especially during the night.

Contemporary Extension glass

Notice how the curvy glass wall could bring a soft touch to the contemporary home that has many edgy elements inside it.

Contemporary Extension patio

You can see here the patio area where family and guests could cook BBQ. There is also a green space for playing. It appears like the house has everything one wants for a home not just for the adults but even for the kids.

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Contemporary Extension kitchen

Seen here is a very spacious kitchen that is located at the center of the house. Notice that it has dark wooden finishes for the cabinets and it has a marble backsplash. On one side, you can see old brick walls which is part of the original house.

Contemporary Extension kitchen island

The kitchen features a large island with a stainless steel top. It also has skylights too. This is indeed a very spacious kitchen and anyone who loves to cook will no doubt want a kitchen like this one!

Contemporary Extension laundry area

The extension also included a new large laundry room which opens to the backyard. Well, it would be nice to do some laundry with a good view outdoors!

I like how the extension turned out! It surely upgraded the look of the house and of course, it also added more functions to the home as well. The additional areas also look very beautiful too. The house is designed by Keen Architecture who did an amazing job for this project. Apart from the beautiful mix of the new addition to the existing home’s architecture, the interior of the house is very neat and sophisticated too. For sure, this is exactly what the owners wanted for their house and it turned out really very beautiful!