Transparent Casa Blanca Contemporary Home in Peru

We have seen and heard about transparent homes many times already. Well, not all of us would want to a home like this because we might think that it lacks privacy. But then again, you can actually add curtains or shades or even louvers to some areas with glass. Today, we are going to show you a house that has glass all around it and it looks very stunning!

The Casa Blanca house is a contemporary three level residence with transparent walls of glass around it. Those glass allows one to look into the interior of the house where a bright orange spiral stairs is clearly seen as it takes center stage in the house. There is an upper level terrace that adds a open air look to the house. Staying there looks very airy and just relaxing. Let us take a look at this home located in Lima, Peru.

As you can see, the house has glass walls around it with concrete framing on the top and bottom.

Lima, Peru Dramatic lights add more beauty to the home both indoors and outdoors and of course, that terrace is lovely!

Casa Blanca You can see here the modern landscaping in the outdoor area with a wooden pathway that leads to the entrance.

lawn area This tree you can see here adds beauty as well as a bit of privacy to the home despite its being transparent.

tree element You can see that not all areas are actually glass just like this part of the wall here.

entrance area Note that once a part of the glass walls are open, it creates a connection between the indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly.

unique staircase For sure had been seeing this orange staircase. By the way, I like it that the bottom part is lighted from behind which is actually from the basement!

beautiful living room Aside from the staircase, there are also pops of orange on other areas of the house like the throw pillows and wall sculpture.

cool living room light The living room has a minimalist and airy design with a look to the outdoor beauty.

granite dining table The staircase is a show stopper that leads up to the terrace and down to the basement.

minimal design dining The dining area has a minimalist look too with white dining set. Take a look at the cantilevered design of the table!

minimal kitchen design This is the kitchen in the house with a glossy and matte combination.

modern interior design The interior looks even more lovely when the lights are on! The placement of lights has a huge impact to a space.

orange staircase The orange staircase is indeed a beauty! It is a modern striking staircase design that is almost futuristic.

contrast color design I actually wonder what this staircase is made of because it is so smooth, seamless and flawless!

flat sofa set Adding plants inside the house is one way to bring the outdoor beauty inside it.

bedroom orange The bedroom has a minimalist look too. Note that there are dark curtains that can be used to cover the glass when they need privacy.

Casa Blanca This is the terrace. It sure is a beauty with a minimalist modern look. The table here is similar to the design of the dining table.

All of us would love the contemporary design of this house. But what I like here is the terrace as well as the interior that has a minimalist appeal but not boring at all. That orange staircase is indeed a show stopper! I also like the landscaping as well. Definitely a job well done by Martín Dulanto Arquitecto! How about you, can you tell me what you