Glamorous and Dramatic Mood Set in the King’s Point Residence in California

Who would not like to stay in a place where the natural sunlight, fresh air and neat surroundings are available? For sure most of us would definitely say, “Yes! That is my dream house!” and we always have these questions of what are the other features that would really grace our house. Today, we will check a house designed in California. This house is named as the King’s Point Residence.

Originally, this is a mid-century house which is spotted in Palm Springs, California. This was redesigned into a more modern and classy residential house. We can see how the designer fully utilized the exceptional furniture designs. The accessories as well as the other elements used here perfectly unfold the luxurious features of this remodelled house. Scroll down the page to see the different amazing areas of the house through the images below.

Kings Point Residence White and yellow palette utilized in the house exterior creates a simpler and livelier impression from the entrance area.

California Glassed walls and open glassed doors in the living space maintain its transparency and connection to the garden.

fireplace living room Take a look at the trendy and unique chandelier here that underlines the modern interior design.

oblong dining table Another round and exceptional designed chandelier is set in this dining set that also harmonized with the carpet here.

kitchen area Modern chairs set here underscore its trendy and fashionable kitchen design.

kitchen sink design Flawless texture of the kitchen is highlighted with these arrayed lights in the ceilings.

bedroom We cannot deny the beauty of the smooth textured kitchen sink and appliances which emphasized neatness and charm.

bathroom area Spacious bedroom is graced with this white bed that perfectly jives with the lamp and wall art.

bedroom lighting Large bathroom is enough to display its warm and luxurious style.

bathroom sink laundry area In this area, we can see how the lighting system importantly unveils the glamour and concept of the bathroom.

outdoor lounge area Another space in the bathroom that speaks of elegance and charm from the fixture to the mosaic tiles in the walls.

garden bench The designer successfully designates a neat and hygienic laundry area in the house.

patio lounge area White furniture harmonized with the green landscape in the garden especially during daytime.

fireplace Yellow accessories truly complement with the white bench and chairs in this charming garden.

patio evening light Lines and figures are highlighted from the building to the furniture display here.

outdoor evening At night the fireplace matches well with the chandelier in this interior that stressed the romantic mood of the house.

outdoor floor fireplace Even in the garden these set of furniture perfectly jives with the yellow lamp.

main door Well-lighted interiors enhance the mood and theme of the house.

exterior deisgn A fireplace in the middle of these white chairs also set a great and relaxing ambiance at night.

Kings Point Residence Lighting system made this house stand out among the other houses in the neighbourhood.

As we have seen the fabulous images taken by Patrick Ketchum above, we can say that the H3K Design has remarkably applied the modern and splendid elements to this house. I personally like the designer’s way of mixing and matching the colors and design of the furniture in the living space. Bright coloured accessories and furniture made the interior livelier and lovelier. We are at certain that you may also employ these mind-blowing features and character in your future house.