The Breathtaking Views of Villa Bianca in Italy

Are you looking for the best Villa that will give you the most desirable luxury coastal villas that are available for rent or for your vacation time? Well, today we will be presenting to you one of the best villa in Puglia Italy. Puglia is known to be a place in Italy for its uniqueness due to its capabilities of offering the best and unique holiday experience. It has a fantastic historical story that may be explored and you may surely enjoy the idea of discovering its remarkable site. Since we have said earlier that Puglia is known for its amazing site and villas we will share to you one of this villas.

This villa is named as Villa Bianca and if you are so excited to see the astonishing features it can offer let’s go ahead and check the details. This Villa Bianca is proud of its open living areas that are converted to the terraces. It offers a breath taking view of the dramatic meeting of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. This is said to be encircled by abundant vegetation. This stands out with its remarkable white walls which contrasted the color of the surroundings.

This has an enclosed pool area. This contains a large pool, children pool and a Jacuzzi. Also it has a bar and an authenticated wood fired pizza oven, BBQ framed by comfortably shaded lounge seating. This villa has an area of 90 square meter and a 30 square meter annex. This is very beautiful with an 8,000 square meter garden. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. So if you are ready to witness the spectacular features of this Villa Bianca, it will be more fun if you scroll down the page and check the images below.

Villa Bianca Pool

By simply looking at the fresh water of this rectangular swimming pool in the middle of hot summer, it can provide comfort and a relaxing feeling.

Villa Bianca home design

Here is the pathway all the way to Villa Bianca where you can also feel the fresh air in the middle of these green trees.

Breathtaking home design

At the second level of the house, the guests may enjoy seeing the panoramic view that will let them unwind from a stressful work.

Living Area

With the dark brown color of the sofa and the wooden beige small square table in the center, the color is balanced in the living area.


To provide a more dim color the walls used light brown color to match with the white sofa and vibrant lights in the ceiling.

Dining Table

As you can see the dining area is composed of high quality furniture that may still complement with the available space.

Italy home design

You may also enjoy sports when you want to stay inside the house and play billiard.


Here is one of the elegant bedrooms in the house where you can rest and feel the stress free time with your love one.

Bedroom white

For putting the blue pillows and towel in this white bedroom we can say that it totally breaks plainness of the space.

canopy Bedroom

Here is the lovely Master Bedroom where the couple can find the serenity and calmness of the place to rest.

guest room

Here is the twin bed intently for the kids who may decide to share room while taking their vacation in Villa Bianca.


Though this bathroom is made up of wooden theme materials, this also features not just the high quality materials but modern fixtures.

swimming pool design

While sitting in this chair beside this infinity pool, it will really offer a great opportunity to enjoy the environment and the villa as well.

trellis pool side

For most people who will come and visit this Villa they usually consider this space to be the most essential part of the house.

Villa Bianca

At night, the lighting designs utilized by the designers are very effective to make this Villa get a luxurious look.

As you can see the images above of its interior as well as it exteriors really offers a lot of amazing features that will surely provide you a comfortable vacation/stay. This is said to be a newly built villa that has 2 levels which are successfully designed by a much known architect Leo Trippi.He carefully planned the every area of this villa. The fixtures used in the interiors are made up of high quality materials. If you have plans now in visiting or perhaps spending a vacation in Italy this villa is one of your options.

The location is very open and a sunny area. Its ground floor features a large porch with access into the hallway, living room, kitchen, laundry room and small kitchenette. Also it has an access to the two double bedrooms and 1 bathroom, meanwhile, when we go upstairs this has the master bedroom with an en suite bathroom and a very large terrace with a 40 square meter. This terrace can also be reached with an external staircase. So what are you waiting for? You can also build the same design like this Villa Bianca, right to your own place.