The Exquisite Ambiance in Villa Padma in Phuket, Thailand

A villa that is seated in the sea front on the east side of Phuket Thailand is our featured house for today. We will explore the elegance of its interior as well as the luxury of its interior and exterior. The infinity pool outside is one of the most essential part of the villa. As you enter the villa, you may immediately see the mangrove forest as well as the scenic view of the sunset in the late afternoon. This villa is called as Villa Padma. This features four surprisingly bedrooms that is offers the best private space in the interior.

The spacious villa displays the traditional Thai friezes and sculptures that emphasized the culture and tradition in Thailand. More contemporary artwork is also presented in every part of the living spaces. Moreover, the guests may surely enjoy not just the pool area but also the game room and the cinema room where they can spend the quality time with the members of the family. The element of nature contributes a lot in the exquisite ambiance recommends in this villa. So why don’t you check the images of the interior and exterior of this Villa Padma below.

Villa Padma

Here is the Villa Padma in the middle of this exotic forest that explains the importance of the nature as its main element.

Exquisite home Ambiance

The sunken sala is also a great place where you can witness the oceanic view and the sunset in the afternoon.

Thailand home design

Here is the infinity pool in this villa that takes the full advantage of the panoramic view outside.

infinity pool

With the brilliant ideas of the designer this infinity pool creates a good connection with the ocean.

outdoor furniture set

The amazing curves and lines are presented in this pool area as you can see the plants that complements with the design of the facade.


By putting a high quality sala set in this pool area, the guests may be able to unwind with the natural beauty of the space.

spa room

Here is the spa room where the guests can also enjoy the idea of relaxing while taking his vacation in this villa.

Living Room

The gray sofa with the blue pillows is perfectly matched with the smooth and white palette used in this living space.

interior design

This luxurious chandelier jives with the dining set that shows the different texture and lines in this interior.

round dining room

For a small size family that will stay in this villa, this area would perfectly accommodate them.

Dining Room

Another dining set is presented here where a bigger size of the family can share their quality time with.


The color of the mattress jives with the green nature outside that made this bedroom stand out from the others.

bedroom design

Another bedroom for the guest who wanted to have a full access and privacy with the nature is presented here.


The rose petals floating in this white bath tub added more relaxing effect to this romantic and traditional bathroom.

Game Room

This game room is large enough for the guests to enjoy.

Entertainment Room

With this large slim LED television the family members will experience the same when they were in the cinema.

Study Room

This desk is best enough to place near this large window where they can take the full access of the exterior while working on the computer.

trellis couch design

During sunset this place in the exterior is one of the best spot where the guest can just sit down and witness the beautiful sunset.

Villa Padma

As you can see this infinity pool seems like promising the most convenient time with the nature’s beauty in this pool side.

Fremantle Additions

At night the lighting material installed in the different parts of this Villa underlines its exquisiteness.

This villa also provides a desk with a multitude of international sockets as well as WIFI for the guests who are businessmen while taking their vacation. While relaxing in the bedroom the guests may also enjoy the personal playlist using the Yamaha iPod dock. Then we can say that we may really experience an extremely comfortable and relaxing stay in the Villa Padma. The amenities and other features offered in this house will speak of its exquisiteness and luxury.