15 Amazingly Cool Blue Kitchen Ideas

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Here on Home Design Lover, we love color blocking! It is trendy, in fashion, captivating and just simply amazing! It really says a lot about confidence, dynamism and really happy. We would love to explore more on this one for you – right now, we will be working on blue and soon enough, we will be showing you more kitchen ideas with different colors which will make you ask if they do really exist!

The next 15 photos that you will be seeing are the Blue Kitchen Ideas we were able to find for you which will kick start the color blocking we will be working on. Prepare yourselves and be charmed with these lovely ideas. Take a peek at these photos and indulge!


kusina Influence

Veneta Cucine

The soft blue color for this kitchen is amazing! The aura of the room is totally comforting.

Inline Blue

kusina Cottage


This charming kitchen looks so homey because of the hi-gloss finish done in it. The handless design is totally stunning.

Edenham Classic Kitchens

kusina Historic

Cute materials were used for this kitchen which makes this room look really stunning! The red and blue combo is wonderful. The backsplash looks interesting too!

Cologne Beech

kusina Mesa


We are not really sure what shade of blue this kitchen is in, but one thing is for sure, this kitchen is totally amazing!

Contemporary Kitchen

kusina Kitch


This Anthony Baratta Kitchen is sure one stunning design. The sleek materials made this one stand out.

Contemporary Kitchen

kusina Kitchen

Coastal Home Architects

Don’t you just love the blue shiny ceramic tiles by the gas range that serves both as a backsplash and an accent wall for this cute kitchen.


kusina Dada

ZG Group Cucine

The blue cabinets and drawers in this kitchen are neatly arranged which definitely highlights the entire kitchen.

Dublin Kitchen

kusina Dublin

Optimise Design

This rooms is a charming place to stay since the hominess is very evident with the furniture in it. Very conventional designs for a modern day kitchen.

Featured Kitchen

kusina Feat


This what you can call a wow kitchen! Another lovely kitchen from Anthony Baratta. The different shades of blue for this room is just amazing!

Fox Hollow Modern Contemporary Kitchen

kusina Fox

Simpson Design Group Architects

The paint on the wall and the island is the same and this totally complement with the browns on the cabinets and drawers.

Modern Kitchen San Francisco

kusina Friedman

John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

This kitchen looks really heavenly with all the light blue color used for this place and the contrast on the dark island and cabinets looks amazing.


kusina Kaori

ZG Group Cucine

This Kaori kitchen from ZG Group looks fascinating with its combination of steel and glass!

Kitchen Designs

kusina Designs

Ken Kelly, Inc

The ceiling decor and the carpet says it all! This kitchen sure is wonderful to even just look at!

Modern Kitchen

kusina Modern

Detailed Builders Inc.

Detailed Builders did a great job with this kitchen. It’s all shiny and regal with how the room was made.

Vibrant Blue Kitchen

kusina Blue

Taylor Bryan Company

This room looks wonderful with the blue and yellow touches here and there, really stunning!

And there you have it, 15 lovely kitchen ideas for you to admire and just be amazed! Kitchens with blue themes are rare since people usually go for the neutral and warm color palette. Watch out for more on Home Design Lover!