15 Cool Boys Bedroom Designs Collection

15 Cool Boys Bedroom Designs Collection

Males and females have their own way of expressing themselves through their own bedroom designs. We may have our own preferences but we too would love to consider inspirations from sites who are credible enough to give out amazing suggestions. Since there are a lot of differences when it comes to design, it’s just fair to narrow down the designs for an easier way of looking over them according to gender this time. As for males, boys or guys or bachelors as we call them, this set of collection today could inspire your bedroom design.

Since it is believed that guys have a tough way of decorating their rooms, let us look over a Variety of 15 Boys Bedroom Designs and see your way through how you’re going to make your own bedroom look.


Rocking Boys Bedroom Design

Image: Tema Home
A modern touch on this functionally designed bed.

Camo Loft Bedroom

Cool Boys Bedroom Design

Image: Benjamin Moore
A unique boy’s bedroom design that could also be best for bedrooms with limited space.


Amazing Boys Bedroom Design

Image: Jamie McKerral
A modern interior design of a male’s bedroom.


Awesome Boys Bedroom Design

Image: petehelme.co.uk
One of those elegantly designed male’s bedrooms.

Modern Bedroom

Nice Boys Bedroom Design

Image: modloft
The bedroom uses a Modern Bedroom furnitures set that’s Zen inspired.

Teenage Composition

So Neat Boys Bedroom Design

Image: stemik-living.co.uk

A teenage guy’s neat bedroom style.

Teenage Bedroom Composition

So Nice Boys Bedroom Design

Image: stemik-living.co.uk
The furnitures used is from the Mela Collection.

Cloud Bed Rossetto

Elegant Boys Bedroom Design

Image: stemik-living.co.uk
An elegant way of styling a guy’s bedroom where the bed is upholstered in a beige eco-leather.

It’s Good to Be Me!

Playful Boys Bedroom Design

Image: The One and Only Jet Guer
A Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi captured this bedroom design.

Bedroom Interior Design

Just So Cool Boys Bedroom Design

Image: Catalin David
A modern design of a guy’s bedroom.

Bachelor’s Pad

Attractive Boys Bedroom Design

Image: janton
The bedroom’s view from the entrance.

Simple Bachelor’s Pad

Eye-Catching Boys Bedroom Design

Image: qcksilver
A neat bedroom design in a bachelor’s pad.

Simple Bachelor’s Pad

Inviting Boys Bedroom Design

Image: denizendesign
A neat bedroom design in a bachelor’s pad.

Boy’s Room

Relaxing Boys Bedroom Design

Image: Z3N
A boy’s bedroom design proposal for one of the Fairmont Residencees in Dubai.

Men’s Bedroom

Really Cool Boys Bedroom Design

Image: Gee!Bee
The bedroom design was taken in Bukit Panjang New Town in North West, SG with a fascinating view.

Some guys would want to fill their rooms with a lot of stuff while others don’t. As what we have mentioned in our previous collections, the designs of where we live or stay mirrors our personalities. The furnitures and the space becomes an issue and that’s where several options of designs to choose from comes in. Which among the Guys’ Bedrooms in this collection is cool for you? Share it with us..

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