20 Red Chairs to Add Accent to Your Living Room

Love red? Why not add a red chair to your living room like the interiors in this list.

Every living room looks different especially that it is owned by people of varying personalities. As we all know, the character and personality of a person is seen in the manner a house is designed or decorated.

So, let us take a look at our own homes. Does it look dull or boring? Or is it just too crowded with stuff? If it looks plain, why not add something that will bring some life to it like a colorful decor or maybe a chair of a color your desire.

Many living rooms bring some colored accent chairs as a bold addition to area. Aside from that, it can also be an additional seating too. Common colors used for the chairs are red and blue.

Today, we will give you ideas on how a red chair can enhance an interior. Even if it is the only red item in the space, it will surely bring a different level of charm into it. Come take a look at the 20 red chairs to add accent to your living room.

red chairs living

1. Midcentury Living Room

red chairs design

Above Construction

A Midcentury living room wherein the color seems to be taken from the area rug that has red and blue colors. So that is why a red chair is added in the space.

2. Traditional Chic

tufted chairs


Imagine this living room without the red chair. Yes, it would look beautiful but it looks even nicer with the tufted chairs added.

3. Black, White and Red Living Room

living area

California Home + Design

You can also try adding chairs that aren’t plain red in color like the ones seen in this living area.

4. A Re(de)fined Living Space

red wall

Nicole Lanteri Design

The red wall in this living room brings some bold feature to the area but you can also extend that boldness with a red chair.

5. The Art Apartment


Arent & Pyke

I like the look of this living room. It may be small but there are many lovely details that we can see in it from the plants and the jars as well as the different colors of items added in it.

6. Manhattan, NY

custom-made room

Kimba Hills

The sectional in this living room was custom-made in Los Angeles and shipped to New York as well as the travertine marble coffee table and pair of red swivel chairs.

7. The home of Romy and Ilya

wooden chair

Holly Marder

I didn’t expect that a wooden chair can look very nice. In truth, the furniture here can give us ideas for a DIY chair, sofa and center table. Then go buy a red chair with wooden armchairs like this one. Lovely!

8. 99 White Pine – Interiors

traditional living room

Jaffa Group Design Build

This traditional living room has a subtle rustic touch because of the stones on the wall as well as that chandelier. Notice that it has many different comfy seating including two red chairs.

9. Noe Valley Residence

Comfortable sofa

The Office of Charles de Lisle

Comfortable chairs and sofa are seen in this contemporary living room. What adds appeal to it is the area rug in black and white. I also like those flowers on one side of the living space.

10. Montecito Shores Remodel Living Room

living area furnitures

Allen Construction

Adding a red chair with a unique design to a living room could enhance the space. Yes, even if it is just one chair being brought to the living area, it would look really amazing.

11. M.A.P. Interiors

red chairs design

M.A.P. Interiors

A womb chair and ottoman are lovely additions to this contemporary living area. What is good about red is that it looks nice with black, white and even with other colors too.

12. Utopia Projects


Ibrahim Radwan

This playroom has a beautiful wall mural of flowers from the walls to the ceiling.

13. Jasmine 2 – Corona del Mar

furnishings design

D for Design

Most of the furnishings in the residence were custom-made like the living room media cabinet with leather upholstered doors and nail head trim. You can see that is used different colors for the furniture like the red chair and the gray ottoman.

14. Living Room – View Through House

accent chair

Andrew Snow Photography

A contemporary living room has some red colors in it from the lamps to the accent chair.

15. Paddington – Alts + Adds

outdoor area

Ergo Architecture + Interiors

A living room that seamlessly connects to the outdoor area. Just take a look at the beautiful garden that seems to be part of the living space. Gray is used in here but it was a good idea to add some red colors too.

16. Contemporary Cadboro Bay

modern fireplace

Leanna Rath Kelly Photography

I like the design of that modern fireplace but I also love the way black and red is combined in the living area.

17. 7821 Fisher Island Dr

white living room


This white living room looks elegant especially that is has different textures seen in it but what made it look more beautiful are the pair or red egg chairs that brings pop of colors into it.

18. Burton Hudson Renovation

modern living space

Nguyen Architects, Inc.

A modern living space that has a modern fireplace. The centerpiece is an oval shaped coffee table while what surrounds it are modern seating. I know you can observed how the space is enhanced by the red chair.

19. Brooklyn Townhouse

red sofa

Lindsay Pennington Inc.

Aside from the red chairs, this one also has a red sofa. It is a nice combination with the black and gray colors in the interior. You can see that the throw pillows have different patterns and prints in it.

20. Living Room

red chairs design

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

I like the look of this living room especially that that wall decor that has the colors of the area rug. It was a nice idea to add a pair of red chairs here.

You can pick whatever design of a chair you like as long as it is red. Well, you can also get chairs of other colors too. That will also work and can give your living room a lovely appeal just like what we have seen in the spaces above. So, if you think your living area is boring and dull, go ahead and add an accent chair- may that be an ottoman or a bulky reading chair- whatever suits your style and needs will be nice.