17 Awesome African Living Room Decor

African decor can be dynamic, creative and pretty much inspiring. Colours can be evocative of the sunburnt earth, deep verdant rainforests, softly wistful savannah plains, burnt orange African sunsets and pinkly-purple sunrises, crazily energetic and vibrant market places. And let us not forget the graphic concepts of black and white.

You can scour galleries and even weekend flee markets for original artwork from the locals of Africa; and visiting these places will be something you won’t regret for sure. Today, we will be showing you contemporary versions of the 17 Awesome African Living Room Decors and we are sure that you will be amazed at how much history each item has. Have fun!

765 Studio/Residence

african living room decor

TaC Studios | Architecture

Michael Tavel took photos of this Atlanta home and we are certain that the entire house will interest you.

African Furniture, Decor, Wall Art And Lighting

Ostrich skin wing-back chairs

Phases | Africa

The genuine Ostrich skin wing-back chairs and ostrich skin pillows are the central focus in this living room – at one glance, you’d think that they are simple and ordinary chairs, but surely the texture will tell you otherwise.

Billy’s House


Murphy & Co. Design

“We wanted to create a home that reflected the site on which it was constructed – for the home to avoid being the same old suburban house,” says Costello. The farmhouse provides a comfortable space for Billy and his sons, Harrison and Parker.

Boston Traditional Living Room


Lisa Laberge Interiors

A collection of trinkets from travels in Africa are evident in this living room. We can only guess how may times the owner went there.

Buffalo Valley Residence

hacienda style

FGY | Fergus Garber Young Residential Architects

Look at how this hacienda style residence in San Francisco makes you feel and imagine all the places where these decors came from!

Cow Hollow Residence

traditional family room

Adeeni Design Group

One traditional family room in San Francisco which makes any African decor look extra stunning because of the color scheme chosen for the walls, the furniture and the curtains.

Desert Oasis

preserved heads

Greenauer Design Group

Greenauer Design Group sure did a great job in completing the look at of this living room. The preserved heads on the wall makes everything in the room look as fabulous as they should!

Eclectic African Living Area

yellow Jarrah wood

Phases | Africa

This African recycled yellow Jarrah wood sliding open and close coffee table, is hand-crafted from untreated hardwood ties used to construct the railroads in Africa at the turn of the nineteenth century.


african living room decor

Willman Interiors

This lounge area feels cozy and welcoming with the help of warm, earthy colors. We have been drilled with the rule to avoid dark colors when there is a lack of natural light, but I say just go with the flow and rather than fight it. With sufficient lighting, a basement is the perfect area to use colors from the darker end of the spectrum.

Log Home Makeover

rustic Toronto home

Micheal Lambie Interiors

This space is one rustic Toronto home that was completely made over to look as fab as this! Note the giraffe decor by the window just beside the unique patterned paintings.

Los Angeles Traditional Family Home

Safari theme

Bridge Design Studio

Attractive but over the top Safari theme; sometimes, lesser of the prints makes it more pretty. But all in all, this family room is comfy and full of style!

New York Contemporary Living Room

window treatment

Jason Joseph Studio

Here is another example of how a New York living room should look like! We love the window treatment and the furniture and decor is sure promisingly pretty!

Parker Residence

original wall treatment

Derell Parker Interiors

If you are after an original wall treatment, opt for solid wall panelling that bursts with colorful flair. This yellow panel is used on one part of the wall to create a focal point and at the same time, frame the exquisite art collection next to it. The color is repeated in the chairs to tie the whole look together.

San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Furniture designs

Green Couch | Interior Design

Furniture was selected and arranged to lend way for conversation, with a beautiful, creme Ebanista sofa and custom window treatments by Stitch. Pops of color found in mustard fabrics from Christopher Farr, Dedar, Donghia and Nobilis provide casual and vibrant freshness to the space. A fresh approach to a grandfather clock with industrial influences crafted by a South African designer.

San Francisco Eclectic Living Room

French sliding doors

Harrell Remodeling

The most prominent item in this living room could actually be the French sliding doors which is bound by a giraffe replica on the side. The browns in this home is the pretty attractive type.

Woodland Residence

faux wall paint

Designs! | Susan Hoffman Interior Designs

The faux paint for the walls were done beautifully that the furniture inside the space is all but stunning! Note the bamboos on the upper left side which is a lovely touch.

Yoder Residence

african living room decor

James Glover Residential & Interior Design

The display area for the collection of artifacts of the home owner sure is eye-catching! We also like to compliment the designers for the simple sectional that complements well with the detailed coffee table.

Except for one picture on this list, we can say that the African touch and feel has a limited color scheme which plays well with all the decor and replicas we can get in the market. That is why, the fruity orange living room designs may be a good sample for choosing color schemes. Hope you loved the 17 Awesome African Living Room Decor and we look forward to hearing from you! Have a great weekend!