10 Living Room Arrangement Tips

Decorating a living room could be challenging whether you have a large or small living space. Both types of spaces would require different kinds of treatment if we speak of decoration and arrangement. If you have bought items for your home already, the next thing that you would worry about is the arrangement. But if you are still planning to buy some stuff, then think of arrangement first before getting it. A living room’s arrangement is important for it will create a good aura for your living space. It can also make your living area more inviting and welcoming.

So, if you are having trouble on how you can arrange your furniture and furnishings in the living room, we will be giving you some tips on how to do that. But before that, bear in mind that not only the furniture matters but also other things in the living room. Even the wall decorations and table set-ups are important. Now read on the rest of the tips we have for you below:


1. Know your living room’s size.

Know your living room’s size

The first thing that you need to know is the size of your living room. This can help you check if the furniture that you intend to place inside would fit in. It should not be too large for the area. Also, you might want to check the door and other entrances to check if you won’t have a hard time bringing your purchases inside.

2. Divide your space.

Divide your space

If you have a large room, divide the space by creating two areas. You can place a carpet or an area rug to anchor the main living room and to give people the idea where your main living area is. Let the sofa work on the division by letting it face its back to the path. Then create a different area where there are also some seats. Make sure that there is a path between that area and your main living room..

3. Mix different furniture sizes and styles.

Mix different furniture sizes and styles

A living room with the same sizes for the sofa would look boring and monotonous. That is why it would be better if you place furniture of various sizes. This will add visual interest to your space by creating different volumes in the same room. You can also add ottomans and other furniture in it. Aside from getting furniture in sets, you can try to get different furniture types for mix and match.

4. Arrange furniture for conversations.

Arrange furniture for conversations

Remember that the living area is a place where you can converse with each other. So, arrange it in a manner that the users will be able to face each other while talking. If you have more than one seating areas in the living room, you have to see to it that it won’t be too far from the other area to make sure that people can still converse even if they sit on the other living room set.

5. Observe balance.

Observe balance

Items in your living room can have visual relationships to each other by choosing those that have similar form, color and style. This will create balance to your living room. There are two forms of balance: symmetry and asymmetry. When we speak of symmetry, you are placing things that are the same considering sense of order. You will be using matching items like matching sofas, side tables and lamps. For asymmetry, you can place items that have differences like two lamps of different designs or two vases of different sizes.

6. Think of scale.

Think of scale

Your living room’s arrangement has to take note of scale all the time. If you have a small living room, you can try using chairs instead of loveseats or sofa so that it will not look bulky in a small area. Aside from the furniture, you should also look into the decorations you place and consider their size.

7. Create zones.

Lessened stress for you

We have mentioned that you can create different seating areas in your living room. You can have a spot that is near the window. This could be your sunny corner which is well lighted from the sunlight. You can also make activity areas like a spot where board games can be played and others. You can also have a quite spot near a bay window.

8. Arrange in L-shaped.

Arrange in L-shaped

This is the most common arrangement for a living room. The sofa and loveseat can be arranged in L-shaped with a coffee table in the center. This is an ideal way to arrange furniture in a large space for it can be good for conversations.

9. Have a focal point.

Have a focal point

It is always advisable to have a focal point for your living room. It could be a fireplace or your television. You can also place a painting on the wall. Try to consider triangulation where in the apex of the triangle has some vital elements on them. For instance, you place two side tables with lamps on it. On the top center, place a wall painting. That could be a good focal point with triangulation in mind.

10. Use area rugs.

Use area rugs

Area rugs are good in creating oneness for a certain spot. This pulls together your furniture which makes them appear as one. Don’t worry if your area rug is not that large to contain all the furniture. Just place the furniture on it and make sure that it will touch a certain part of the rug.

Arranging a living room can be both fun and challenging. But you have to make sure that you will get the right stuff for your home so that they will look good when arranged. That is why you have to think of arrangement before getting furniture and other decorations. Try to picture how it would look like once it is placed in the living room. You should als not forget to place proper lighting to your living area. Read on living room lighting ideas and tips to know more about lighting.