Tips in Landscaping a Small Garden

A home would feel a lot cozier if there is a garden outside where you can feel closer to nature. But some homes these days do not have spacious gardens.

Homeowners find it a big challenge on how they can work on small gardens. They even think that they cannot make it look beautiful since they got used of seeing spacious gardens with lots of plants and garden features in it. Some can even have their own pools in it. But a small garden? What can one do with a small garden?

A lot! There are so many things that you can do with a garden no matter how small it is. Small areas can even look visually larger if you know how to work on it. But if you do not have any idea on what to do, you do not need to worry for we have here some tips ready to help you.

Check on the tips below and after that, get your pen and paper to plan your landscape design. A small garden can surely look large and beautiful after all!

1. Choose smaller plants.

Choose smaller plants

A small garden will of course need smaller plants because if you place large plants, it would occupy the entire place. Also, when you choose plants, make sure that they do not grow so big when they mature. If you like a certain large plant, look for smaller versions of it or a plant similar to its look. Arrange your plants well to make good use of your area.

2. Pick a focal point.

Pick a focal point

Creating a focal point for your garden will give a visual illusion. It will drive the eyes of the viewer towards your focal point. Work well on your focal point. It can be a small walkway, a water feature or even just a simple bench. Be creative with your focal point.

3. Distribute design smartly.

Distribute design smartly

Even if your garden is small, you can make it look large by creating divisions. Be creative and smart in doing that. You can do this by grouping some plants and jars together, making a bed of roses and others. Breaking up the area into small spaces can surely make it look larger. You will even notice that it will look lovely that way.

4. Create a seating area.

Create a seating area

You can have a small pergola in your garden. Look for a good location so that you will not be wasting some parts of it. A corner can be a good place or maybe somewhere near the side so your center area can be allocated for the walkway. But you can also merely provide chairs or a bench in your garden. Doing this gives your garden a destination where you and your family can stay for snacks and a little chit chat.

5. Have creative pavement.

Have creative pavement

Distract the eyes of the viewers by creating a pavement that looks unique and attractive. Instead of looking into the space, their eyes will be guided into the pavement which is creatively done. There are many pavement designs that you can choose from. You can even make your own combination of materials.

6. Make use of color.

Make use of color

If you think only your home’s architecture and interior will use colors, you are wrong. Even the garden will make use of it, too. Using colors is a good trick to make your garden look larger. Place flowering plants of bold and bright colors in the area where your garden is viewed. This will immediately catch the attention of those looking at it. The rest of the landscape will seem to diminish making your garden look larger.

7. Make it cozy.

Make it cozy

You can make your garden a cozy place to relax in. If you want to create a private area for your garden, plant tall plants and lush shrubs to surround it, leaving a space for the walkway and for the seating area. But you can also make it look more spacious by using smaller plants. Providing it a comfortable seating area or a small pergola can add to its coziness.

8. Provide good traffic.

Provide good traffic

Good traffic is always important for every part of your home to allow access in different areas easily. Your garden needs to consider this despite being small. Make sure that you have planned the walkways well so that you will not have a hard time going to and fro your yard.

9. Plant tall trees.

Plant tall trees

You can also plant taller trees or bushes to provide a natural shade for smaller plants. They can serve as barriers and shades to plants that have low tolerance to sunlight. It can also provide shade for your seating area. Just see to it that you place tall trees on the right location that it will not cover up the whole space.

10. Create unusual design.

Create unusual design

Be creative with your small garden. You can add some features to it and even make it look eclectic. For simpler look, go for a modern garden design with clean cut plants. Work on your garden the way you want it but make sure that you always consider the small space you have. So, do not be placing too much stuff into it. It needs to have a breathing space so you will not feel like in a forest when you are already in it.

There you go. Those are the tips that we have for you so you can be guided in designing your own small garden. See? You don’t really need a big space to have a beautiful landscape. What you need is a creative mind. We hope that these tips have helped you with your landscaping. Feel free to look into more landscape design inspirations. You can also check on Landscaping Tips to Consider for Your Ideal Garden.