Before and After Photos of a Modern Water-Side Landscape Remodel in California

Most of us would really love to live in a place that with a wonderful view. This doesn’t just make the area inviting but also totally relaxing. It would be nice to relax outdoors with the sight of the trees, the sky, and even the waters. This is what homeowner Windi Heaton wanted for her house.

After updating her house, she needed to upgrade her landscaping too to make the most of the views around it. She knew she would need the help of an expert in order to give her space the kind of look she want.

The backyard overlooks one of the many lagoons in the small community of Bel Marin Keys. There is also a bird sanctuary and wetland restoration project that can be seen just across the waterway from her home.

She had the view but she don’t have a deck or a lovely outdoor space to sit under the sun and just enjoy the panorama. She also wanted to have a vegetable garden, an organic garden and a certain spot where she can watch the sunset. She then tapped landscape designer Eileen Kelly to help her realize her dreams.

Dig Your Garden Landscape Design The outdoor living experience was enhanced by adding wooden decks and California natives and other low-water Mediterranean plants and succulents in a palette of greens, oranges, yellows, burgundies and purples. Just look at the great change in the home’s back yard!

landscape There is an existing deck that overlooked the backyard and lagoon but it needed to be changed since it was falling apart. The deck was changed with a bigger one using Brazilian teak.

Waterside Landscape It had built-in bench seats around the deck with some contemporary plants on casters. A raised bed was also made for an edible garden.

Concrete pavers Concrete pavers lead the way around the outdoor space and some steps lead off to the lower part of the yard all the way to the lagoon and dock.

sunken patio What I like most in this yard is the sunken patio with comfy seating. This is the perfect spot to enjoy the views!

Buddha statue decor A Buddha statue sits in the garden adding an Asian and Zen touch to it.

drip irrigation The landscape was designed in a manner that it allowed nature to take care of itself thus requiring less maintenance. It used drip irrigation with more efficient watering and it also used black grape seed compost to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

plants Landscape Adding different type of plants act as a ground cover for the garden. The plants are also low-maintenance which is what Heaton really wanted.

Waterside Landscape The front lawn was also updated with attractive, low maintenance and low water plants. Irregular sizes of geometric concrete pavers were added to this area.

So this sure is a job well done from Dig Your Garden Landscape Design! I like how the decking was done as well as the sunken patio. The homeowner certainly got the kind of garden she wanted even for the type of plants in it. I wish I have a garden as nice as this one!