Organize Your Kitchen with these 20 Awesome Kitchen Storage Solutions

If you have lived in your house for quite some time, it will be very evident in your house that you have been able to accumulate more things than the time you actually started living there – except of course if you have been transferring houses or if your parents had given you the old things you had in your previous home.

Today, we will be showing you a couple of ideas of contemporary to modern types of storage. We have the usual cabinets and drawers but because of great innovation and transformation of storage design, the ones below might be different from the ones you usually see. Some of the storage solutions below might actually interest you – a lot. Take a look.

1. Astounding Sliding Drawers


Mary Prince

New aluminum cabinets neutralize the kitchen’s wood tones.

2. Cantilever Kitchen Carousel


John Lewis

Cantilever carousels and magic-corner kitchen fittings are the best solutions for corner base units.

3. Vertical Spices Cabinet


Imagine that Kitchen

This spice cabinet is actually a cute way to make use of small spaces intended for storage.

4. Fold-down Kitchen Prep Area


Kenneth Anderson Designs

Free up work space with a handy drop-down chopping block with accompanying knife storage. It is also useful for keeping knives and sharp utensils hidden out of view from children.

5. Freestanding Kitchen Unit with Closing Doors


Bulthaup Kitchen

One of the great benefits of choosing a freestanding kitchen is that you can start with the basics and add pieces in further down the line. This compact unit is designed to hold all your kitchen essentials and can be neatly folded when not in use.

6. Keep Everything in One Place



When there isn’t room for a lot of different furniture pieces in your home, choose one that will house everything. This multipurpose unit includes drawers, shelves and boxes. Plus, it provides extra surface space for hot dishes ready for serving.

7. Kitchen Cabinets Upgrade to Glide-Outs


ShelfGenie | Designed to Transform

Use a mix of slide-out shelving and drawers to access heavy items, and custom pullouts to house mixers, spices, cutting boards and baking sheets.

8. Kitchen Corner Storage Drawer



This is a unique solution for notoriously difficult corner units. It features full-extension drawers, so there’s no unreachable or hidden space at the back.

9. Kitchen Drawer Units with Compartments


Neil Lerner

Drawers can also hold compartments or inserts with individual cut-outs for specific utensils or be divided up to hold cutlery. Look out for solid wood designs for luxury style.

10. Kitchen Plinth Drawer


Underwood Furniture

Plinth-space drawers can add a considerable amount of storage in a small kitchen – use them for things like cleaning materials which need to be kept away from groceries.

11. Kitchen Storage Solutions


Elle Decor

I don’t know about you, but this wall of plates, goblets and so much more is one cute way of bringing these things together to be able to see them all at once.

12. Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit



Always consider waste recycling and bins – after all, if it’s not sorted in the kitchen it will have to be sorted somewhere else.

13. Kitchen Wonder Wall



The space between work surface and wall cupboards can now be fully utilized, with a range of fittings that are both ingenious and highly practical.

14. Modern Kitchen Larder



There’s a huge trend for kitchens to include a big, larder-style cupboard, which can be thrown open to reveal an impressive, individually designed combination of shelves, cupboards and drawers.

15. Pantry Storage


Garage Envy

If we had one like this at home, maybe I will not be going out – ever! Big cabinets like this makes it more easier for storage since you have easy access to everything you’ll need for the kitchen.

16. Sleek Drinks Cabinet Storage



The 70s mini bar may be a distant memory, but there’s a lot to be said for storing your glassware, wines and spirits in the space where you use them most.

17. Soft Closing Drawers


The Inside Project

We would always like to have soft closing drawers to avoid noise. This sliding cabinet gives you access to the items you usually use closer to you when in the kitchen.

18. Spacious Kitchen Storage


Harvey Jones Kitchens

Take kitchen storage to a new level with a spacious larder. You can now buy all-encompassing units, either on their own or as part of a kitchen, that can be customized with built-in spice racks or integrated knife blocks.

19. Use Every Inch of Space


JS Designs

A thin pull-out cupboard, with multiple shelves or racks, offers the perfect solution and makes food supplies easy to view and reach.

20. Vertical Pull-out Kitchen Unit


DSL Southwest

The great advantage of pull-outs is how much they can hold in relation to their width. They’re often positioned either side of the fridge and freezer, or alongside a bank of ovens.

This is one list that is not only refreshing to see, but at the same time useful – since we can always look back to this and maybe have something similar to it be created for your own kitchen. With this, your kitchen will surely be organized and we don’t have to worry about clutter anymore. More to come in Home Design Lover!