20 Contemporary Black Countertops in the Kitchen

Want to see how a black countertop will look like in your kitchen? Check this list!

We already have featured a list about kitchens that use white countertops, and believe me, they were really beautiful and neat. So, we thought why don’t we make another list that would be similar but in a different shade – and then we picked black! Black and white are two of the colors that show off a classic vibe and I think that it’s just right that we present a list like this one.

Below is a list of 20 Contemporary Black Countertops in the Kitchen which I think are real nice to look at and interesting at the same time. Most of the pictures in this list are contemporary kitchens which you’ll like because they are awesome samples of how we want kitchens to look like – updated and current in design. Check out the list below and tell us which one you think is the prettiest.

1. 22nd Street Kalorama

Abandoned Embassy

Glass Construction

To begin out list, I think that this kitchen is the best thing to place at the start of this awesome list of kitchen spaces with black countertops. Most of the time, black and white, black and wood (or veneer) is the common combos used especially in the kitchen and this one sure looks fascinating enough to be a cool fave in this list!

2. Beacon One Residence

Beacon One

Kim Depole Design Inc.

Here is the black and white combination that I was telling you about. We’d be seeing a lot of this combo in this list and I think that you’d love them because these black and white combos are real nice and fancy – at least for the most part. Sample number two is quite simple but I think it looks real great!

3. Brisbane Industrial Kitchen Renovation

Brisbane Industrial

Kim Duffin for Sublime Architectural Interiors

Another black and white combo with an L-shaped layout. The foot traffic in this kitchen is real sweet and I think with all the openings in this space, great lighting and ventilation is a great addition to this kitchen. Two things I love about this kitchen aside from the cabinets, are the ceiling and the flooring. How about you?

4. Electric Kitchen

Electric Kitchen

Glenvale Kitchens

Don’t you just like seeing contemporary stools in the kitchen every so often? As much as these usually are applied to contemporary to modern spaces, but it wouldn’t really hurt to have awesome chairs like these ones. I feel though that this kitchen as a lot of blank areas on the wall and I think this space could use some wall decor!

5. Gorski Residence

Gorski Residence

FJ Interior Design

Talk about a busy wall! I totally am crazy about the cabinets in here! I love the fact that there a lot of cabinets in here; the cabinets that hold the countertop, and the cabinets above it! I also think that it’s cool that they have glass cabinets to display their china and breakables.

6. Greenwich Village Apartment

Green Village

GSW Cabinetry Inc.

I think adding pink colored cushions for your kitchen stools is amazing especially when you’re color palette looks like this one. It can be that they wanted to add a hint of feminism to this space, or they just really want a pink motif in here; but I mean, I think this space is great!

7. Hillside Residence

Vansant Smith

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

This kitchen sure looks wonderful! The L-shaped counter look absolutely pretty in black and white and silver (for the appliances). We see from this photo that the wooden floors look incredible against the white cabinets!

8. Leslie Jensen Residence

Leslie Jensen

Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC

Dreamt of having a simple kitchen space for your home? This could be one sample of that kitchen – the layout is simple, the color palette works and the theme is pretty much homey and comfortable! I think this is one utilitarian kitchen and it’s awesome! Don’t you agree?

9. Lexington Residence

Lexington Residence3

Mandarina Studio Interior Design

I am not sure if the color of the cabinets are light pink or something beige – it looks really pretty against the black counters and the black appliances. This kitchen actually feels a bit girly and I think it looks real neat and large for all the cooking. Although it is important to have at least 30% windows, having one in here is could just be great!

10. Meyerland Ranch House Renovation

Texas Lake

M+A Architecture Studio

It would be safe to assume that this kitchen has a U-shaped layout and because of the size of this kitchen, this layout surely works well for this space. The light colored cabinets match well with the shiny black counters. I love how the color of the dining area complement the colors of the kitchen area.

11. Modern Serenity in Maui

Serenity Maui

Ownby Design

What a about getting a very masculine looking kitchen like this one for your home and asking the hubby to actually cook? Honestly, I think baking in this kitchen would be a great thing because it looks really nice and it has a great ambience for all the baking and cooking that’s about to happen in it.

12. Pacific Heights Home Rejuvenation

Home Rejuvenation

EAG Studio

The arrangement of this kitchen is very convenient and real beautiful. The color combination used in here is basically black and white, and adding a bit of yellow and browns in here make it more interesting and homey actually. The traditional design of the cabinets makes this space look real fancy, I love it!

13. Riverfront Retreat

Riverfront Retreat3

Jenni Leasia Design

The lighting fixtures in here sure could pass for something for the outdoors. I love how neat they look in here which seems a bit out of place but it sure worked well for this space. If you ask me, this is one great kitchen to be part of your mood board for your kitchen renovation!

14. Riverwoods Renovation

Riverwoods Renovation

Mark Gerwing Architecture

What do you think about this nice looking kitchen? I personally love the hanging cabinets right above the black countertops. The food prep area in here may be limited but it sure looks great and neat. The ambience of this kitchen sure feels like something in a coffee shop, and it sure is a good thing, right?

15. San Francisco Kitchen

Francisco Kit

Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

If you ask me, I think this kitchen is something special. The kitchen stools for example are real nice and I think it would be nice having one of these in our kitchens. The color and finish of the cabinets in this kitchen sure is pretty and interesting.

16. Southern California Home

California Home4

Michael Kelley Photography

I love how this California kitchen look really homey, traditional and really functional. We see that this space might be smaller than what one would ask for, but if you look closely at how this space is designed, you know that the designer really maximized the use of the space – which is always a good thing.

17. Stratford Renovation

Stratford Renovation4

Shoberg Custom Homes

Whenever we talk about white counters, we usually see black cabinets and the other way around – just like this kitchen. We see white cabinets and black awesome countertops. If you notice, the finish of the counters is all shiny and really pretty! I love this kitchen!

18. The Black Pearl

Tendances Concept

Tendances Concept

The name of this kitchen (or home) actually seem to be perfect for it – I mean, look at the beautiful space and everything that is in it! The cabinets, the kitchen island and the bar area – even the chairs seem to be fit for this space too!

19. Whole House Renovation #4

Michael Menn

Michael Menn Ltd.

I am not really a fan of the color combination of the cabinets and the countertops of this kitchen but I think that it still is able to serve its purpose – food prep and cooking and maybe even baking. One awesome advantage of this kitchen is the television that they added to it above the microwave.

20. York Harbor Maine

Maine Duffy

Duffy Design Group

This kitchen space is in black and white and don’t you just think that it’s really stunning? This space may be simple but you and I know that this kitchen sure is enough for the cooking needs that we have at home.

And that concludes our list of 20 Contemporary Black Countertops in the Kitchen which is an adjacent list of the 20 Lovely Kitchens with White Countertop! I think that both these lists are cool and in the now – and you should really share them with your friends so that you and your friends would have references of what awesome kitchen spaces actually look like!