15 Kitchen Bar Designs to Choose From

One of our favorite spots in the kitchen is where the kitchen bar is located, why not? This is the place where our cooked food is first placed, this is where we can eat other than the dining table with easy access to the food preparation area.

So, for today, we will be showing you a list of 15 Kitchen Bar Designs that can be applicable to your own kitchens.

We have a range of kitchen photos wherein we will be seeing examples of materials used for the kitchen bar like granite – in white or black, metals, and wood.

It also comes in different colors and designs that you can choose from depending on the kitchen design and color that you have in your homes!

Classical Kitchen

kitchen bar designs

Pickell Architecture

This classical kitchen is a mixture of love and tons of care towards the user of the kitchen! The bar complements the entire space with its glamour and simple style.

Contemporary Kitchen

rustic feel


The rustic feel to this room is brought about by the color of the material used for both the kitchen bar and the flooring.

Evermotion Kitchen

bar stools


This is a sample of a kitchen space that is beautified by the materials used in the space in it. Like for example, the stools for the bar which gives it texture since the space is surrounded with grey colored materials.

Heglar’s Kitchen

kitchen island

Great Spaces

When we look at the kitchen bar of this room, we notice that it was actually the kitchen island that served as the bar – which is a good move since it saves space and materials!

Kitchen by 3D Brainx

deep brown color

3D Brainx

Don’t you just love the deep brown color of the kitchen bar and stools? It gives an air of masculinity but at the same time modern and class.

Kitchen by AdiChan

contemporary vintage


The bar stools in this contemporary kitchen is a little bit vintage with the curves it has.

Kitchen by Andstef

minimalist design


This space is a concrete example of minimalist design! Only the essentials of a kitchen are seen in this room.

Kitchen by Angelujo

kitchen bar designs


It may seem crowded, but this kitchen bar is a charmer and definitely useful in every tiny bit.

Kitchen by Erniez

red touches


We love the red touches on the kitchen bar stools. It looks extra comfy in this modern kitchen space!

Kitchen by Index11



Modern kitchen space matches the beautifully made kitchen bar for two! The industrial kitchen bar stools catchy too!

Kitchen Design by MDefour

modern home


For this very modern home, the kitchen looks extra special! Look at the materials used for this kitchen bar.

Maple Kitchen

modular kitchen


This modular kitchen looks fascinating because of the contrast of colors used in the walls, the cabinets, and even the doors.

Photorealistic Interior

pendant lights


The ambience for this room is pretty much interesting because of the lighting created by the pendant lights and dimmers.

Shaw’s Penthouse Kitchen

catchy color


The pendant lights for this modern kitchen are catchy because of the color chosen. The granite used for the counter top as well as the kitchen bar is one favorite material for the kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen

kitchen bar designs

Eggeman Homes

Another beautiful example of a traditional kitchen! The materials used for the counters match the color for the cabinets and drawers, and the pendant lights is sure industrial but interesting.

So that was our list of 15 Kitchen Bar Designs to choose from! One or two of which you can use for your homes! You even have an option of mixing them together and go eclectic if you’re pretty much interested! You can also check out living room decor ideas which you can prep up to use for your very own living rooms! More to come in Home Design Lover!