15 Astonishing Contemporary L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

Just yesterday, we shared a list about U-shaped kitchen also known as the C-shaped kitchens. Today, we will be exploring another design layout for the kitchen – the L-shaped kitchen. With that, we will be showing you a list of 15 Astonishing Contemporary L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts which might interest you because of the simple design yet effectiveness of the concept.

Below are pictures of 15 Astonishing Contemporary L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts which is as effective and efficient as the U-shaped kitchen except that this has a lesser occupied space compared to the other. Most designers just add the island for more counter space. If you have a smaller kitchen area, this design might be it for you. Take a look.

Amor House

L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

KohlMark Group

The Brazilian cherry flooring is an amazing feature of this kitchen already, but look at the stunning L-shaped kitchen that just makes this space lovelier and more spacious.

Ann Harbor Kitchen

wall color

Meadowlark Builders

The wall color with the cabinet color and stainless steel appliances made this space as beautiful as it should get.

Ballard Residence

kitchen bar area The kitchen bar area – complete with a zinc countertop had been an adjacent sunroom, isn’t it amazing? This Seattle kitchen sure is a great remodeled space.

Casey Kitchen


Merzbau Design

Apple green evokes spring and freshness and new shoots. And on a high-gloss floor, it looks like a meadow.

Chicago Kitchen

room space

Patrick A Finn | Custom Homes & Remodeling

This Chicago kitchen in all its black and white glam sure is a pretty sight. The layout of this kitchen gives more room space for this dining area.

Grand Rapids Soft Modern Interiors

dark colored cabinets

Berghuis Construction

The masculinity of this space is brought about by the dark colored cabinets and island, but the splash of color in the artwork connecting the two rooms gave a bit of lightness to the entire space.

Heatherhill Kitchen

Maple cabinetry

Schnarr Craftsmen, Inc.

Maple cabinetry in the kitchen is reflected in the generous hutch / wall unit behind the eating area. Stainless steel range hood and backsplash adds charm to the kitchen.

Knollwood Kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

Cornerstone Architects

Poised on the edge of a deep ravine overlooking the beautiful Barton Creek, the core of this 1960’s renovated home centers on the kitchen. This particular space was artfully collaborated on with the home’s owner, who is the owner and chef of one of Austin’s premiere restaurants.

Pass Residence

clerestory windows

Tate Studio Architects

View of the kitchen, notice the clerestory windows that allow top light to radiate in the kitchen.

Private Residence California


Meredith Evans Drake Interior Design

Don’t you just like the color of the cabinets? We love them along with the countertops and the gorgeous pendant lights!

Sackett Street Brownstone

lighter-colored flooring

Murdock Solon Architects

Looking at the lighter-colored flooring, it contrasts with the darker-colored cabinets which surely complement one another. The light walls sure are lovely too.


fully renovated

ChrDAUER Architects

From the inside out, everything within the existing shell of this 1893 Victorian residence is fully renovated from a modern perspective. The design maximizes the flexibility and connection of the living spaces, and addresses structural updates.

Summerlin Residence

new kitchen design

Inside Style | Home and Design

This new kitchen design had plenty of storage using wall shelves for display against the existing stone walls. The wood is a mix of espresso and African mahogany.

Whistler Mountain Retreat

paneling designs

Schreyer Construction, Ltd.

Anyone who sees this space sure will be enthralled with the beautiful paneling of the cabinets and the cute pendant lights.

Williams Street Loft

L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects

The kitchen dining and living rooms are in one big open plan space adjacent to the rear yard which is perfect for indoor outdoor living.

Yesterday, it was the 17 Beautiful Contemporary U-Shaped Kitchen Layouts that we have showcased for you guys, and this time around, we hope that you liked the list we have about the 15 Astonishing Contemporary L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts. Both layouts are effective and efficient as the other – picking the one for you depend on the space available to you and the design which you prefer of course. More to come at Home Design Lover.