15 Cool Corner Kitchen Sink Designs

We’ve previously showed you kitchen sink designs that have double basins in them. Today, we will be showcasing a list of 15 Cool Corner Kitchen Sink Designs that will entice you in considering small spaces.

Most of the time, kitchen sinks are placed in between the fridge and the range. But the pictures that we will be showing you in this post will let you discover sink designs fit for smaller kitchen spaces.

The features that we have today will be of varied materials like stainless steel, ceramic and even specialized plastic. They also come in different types of polygons and either come with a drainer, a soap holder or dispenser or just the plain design of kitchen sink.

Take a look at the designs we have listed here for you!

Purple House

Corner Kitchen Sink Designs

Alexandra Rybarova

This modern modular kitchen sure is stunning and really attractive to the eye. The purple color of the cabinets complement well with the white counters and black corner kitchen sink.

Stainless Corner Sink

stainless kitchen sink

Owell Decoration Material

This stainless kitchen sink has a unique cut and a strainer on the side. Its design is contemporary and looks great thank to its shiny finish and lovely backsplash!

Contemporary Corner Kitchen Sink

hexagon stainless corner sink

This hexagon shaped stainless corner sink is a great shape because of the things you can do with the sides.

Corner Kitchen Sink

dark sink

The counter top of this kitchen looks great matched to the dark color of the kitchen sink. We bet that the kitchen looks great with this lovely corner kitchen sink.

Corner Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Affordable Renovations

Affordable Renovations UK made sure that even just by looking at this tiny corner in the kitchen, it looks super stunning and all too refreshing! Everything looks shiny and clean!

Dahab Kitchen

corner sink

The shape of this corner sink is similar to the others we have in this list, they just very in sizes and colors, like this one for example, it is beige in color and sure is pretty because of the dark counters.

Corner Kitchen Sink

sink backsplash

Affordable Renovations UK

What a unique cut for a corner sink! Pairing the color of the kitchen sink and the counter and matching it with the backsplash, the area looks dainty and clean!

Corner Kitchen Sink with Cabinet

Corner Kitchen Sink Designs


This ceramic kitchen sink with two basins is a charmer in between the cabinet, counter and drawers. The color palette used is all earth-tones that allow our eyes to rest.

Corner Kitchen

basin draining area

Another charmer from Affordable Renovations UK! Look at the basin matched with a draining area and a soap holder. A pretty sink with all its perks!


functional design

Monaco is a corner sink with a clear shape, which is not victim to any fashion fads. The functions are innovative and practical.

Small Kitchen Sink

modern faucet design

The Kitchen Dahab

With its modern faucet design, this kitchen sink is a stunner; also, thanks to the sleek color black used for the fixture. The color sure pops!


clean lines

Archi Expo

According to the designers, Athen is a corner sink of impressive simplicity and with clear lines. A sink with spirit that satisfies all needs.

Topmount Corner Bowl

dual basin

Houzer Sink

Look at how useful this dual basin corner sink that we have here. It is made from durable stainless steel with an optimal mix of nickel and chrome which makes it more resistant to corrosion and stain!

Corner Kitchen Sink


Corner Kitchen Sinkz

Here is another stainless kitchen sink used usually for corners that has all the things you need while preparing food for cooking, washing, draining and the like.

Modern Kitchen

Corner Kitchen Sink Designs

KM Renovate

This cutesy kitchen sure has its perks – pretty leveled subway tile, a maple counter and stunning kitchen sink! Who would not this one?

The designs may be available in your hardware shops and you’ll be amazed at the wide range of designs the local hardware shops have available with them. The wonderful thing about getting them locally, is the large savings you can actually get rather than buying them elsewhere. Although of course, we can still get more and more better designs outside our cities. Anyways, we sure hope you got some inspiration and thoughts with our 15 Cool Corner Kitchen Sink Designs and when you get the chance, check out 15 Fantastic Modern Faucet Designs!