20 Interesting Hammock Floor Ideas

Are you tired of the usual hammock? Well, this is something unique that you have to try!

When we talk about relaxation and beach we often think about lounging on a hammock, sipping Piña Colada with our sunglasses on. The hammock has always been associated with vacation, relaxation and being laid-back.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you have a hammock all year round ready for the taking anytime in your home?

We are all aware of indoor hammocks that are readily available in the market in which all you need to do is to have skills in assembling it together and voila! An instant vacation in your home. However nice and easy these beautiful indoor hammocks are, it is not the one I am featuring today. I am going to talk about a more innovative and practical way of relaxation.

Are you getting curious now? You better be!

I am talking about hammock floors that are taking over the trend in most modern offices and homes. Seriously, I was dumbfounded when I first heard about it. This clever idea would blow your mind if it hasn’t yet. It uses unused space and turns it into a relaxation haven.

You and your kids could enjoy the whimsical touch and edgy look that promotes fun time and laid-back vibe where you could simply take a nap, read and just chill. In most offices with this kind of interior, it creates an inviting environment where employees could hangout, lounge and relax while at work.

So let’s get to it by checking these 20 Hammock Floor Ideas I gathered for you. Take the chance to get an inspiration for your own home or office and maybe, just maybe, it will turn your space around and give you that fun yet tranquil vibe.

1. Sinèrgics – The Social Project

Sinèrgics - The Social Project

Colombo and Serboli Architecture

Having a limited to none space for a lounge, the architects opted to have it light and suspended instead of occupying part of the kitchen space. A giant hammock was added as a net mezzanine reachable through a perforated metal stairs ramp. It serves as a relaxation area for the workers.

2. Tower House

Tower House

Austin Maynard Architects

This is a study with a wholly vertical space. It has a bookshelf that runs from floor to ceiling. Hanging within this tall space is a rad hammock-like net where the children can read and contemplate with a view of the street and backyard. Now, that is fun while learning!

3. Two Storey House

Two Storey House

Ruetemple Studio

This hammock floor is neat and is a good touch for those who love modern minimalist interiors with unique style.

4. Jerry House

Jerry House


Create a one of a kind play area for kids and adults alike with hammock floors. It could save up some space and would definitely give you the fun, modern, edgy look and vibe.

5. Townhouse B14

Townhouse B14

XTH – Berlin

This townhouse features doors that open like drawbridges, sloping wooden flaps that function as slides from one level to another and hammock floor and nets to create a fun and safe play area for the children.

6. Skinny SCAR

skinny SCAR

Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman

Create a unique and striking accent to your space with this amazing concept. Aside from making your small space look bigger and open, having one is just so crazy cool!

7. 227 Flat

227 Flat


I love how this hammock seat suspended from a metal structure over the staircase creates a bizarre look and adds a playful vibe to the entire space.

8. Apartment in Korolev

Apartment in Korolev

Ruetemple Studio

This well-lit home was made more exciting with an addition of a spacious recreation area with hammocks above the stairs. It brings a surprising punch that is both stylish and functional.

9. Baan Moom

Baan Moom

Integrated Field Co., Ltd.

I love the masculine touch of black and wood on this interiors! A fishnet used in the ocean liner was selected as a hammock in the double space between working room (2nd floor) and the bedroom (3rd floor). Awesome!

10. Hammock Floor Net

Hammock Floor Net

France Trampoline

Take a cue from this photo. Look at how a suspended hammock floor creates an unconventional character to the whole space.

11. Architect’s Studio

Architect's Studio

Kevin Brown Architecture

Create an adventurous addition to your office space with a suspended hammock floor at your unused ceiling space. This could serve as a recreational area for your kids or yourself when you want to squeeze in a quick nap or just chill.

12. La Boite A2

La Boite A2

La Boite A2

Do you want a huge space for the whole family to enjoy a hammock floor? Of course, you can make it happen! This apartment in Viennese converted almost the whole floor to a hammock den. The addition of throw pillows makes it cozy and inviting.

13. 2NYAD Design

2NYAD Design

2NYAD Design

A hanging floor effect would be a great addition to your space if you are up to bold feature- a hanging floor effect would be a great addition to your space if you are up to bold and eye-catching accents. A suspended hammock stretched neatly on an empty space within your home, like the one on the photo, is a mind-blowing highlight.

14. Maison Certifiee Passive

Maison Certifiee Passive

Poly Rythmic Architecture

A hammock floor above your living room is something you do not see every day. It opens up the space vertically, adding height to your interiors.

15. Farmhouse


Rock Paper Hammer

A hammock floor is a great addition to a nautical theme space like this farmhouse’s bedroom design. I love how it creates an extra space that the owner could use for recreation or extra storage.

16. Patterson and Smith Construction

Patterson and Smith Construction

Patterson and Smith Construction, Inc.

If you have a nice and unused attic space, adding a floor hammock in it is a great way to spruce it up. Open the space and set up a hammock floor, add some cozy beds, faux fur area rug, some bean bags and of course throw pillows in different patterns and sizes, and you get yourself an instant chic guest room or relaxation room.

17. RD Factory Architecture

RD Factory Architecture

RD Factory Architecture

A suspended net used as a hammock serves as a safe area for the kids to play and have fun. It also adds an unconventional look, beautiful texture and patterns to the interior making it a lot interesting and useful.

18. Duet Design Group

Duet Design Group

Duet Design Group

Do you want to create a unique and cheery playroom that promotes peacefulness and fun at the same time? A suspended net that works like a hammock where your kids can rest, read, walk, climb and play does not only saves space, it also creates a safe place and a fascinating, modern feature for your home.

19.House in Krasnogorsk

House in Krasnogorsk

Ruetemple Studio

Maximize your space by opening it up using multipurpose furniture and by letting the light in. Yes, the brighter the room the wider and spacious it looks. This house uses a cube that consists of three modules on wheels that could be moved apart on the walls and turn into separate sofas when they need more space. The open space above was made to good use with the addition of a hammock floor where they could lie down and look at the sky or just chill out.

20. Tiny House

Tiny House

S’More Life

Are you looking for a chance to live a hippie life or experience how it would be like to stay in a small house? Then this is your chance. This tiny house is available in AirBNB for rental. You can check out the link. They have a hammock floor where you could lounge and just relax. There is also a mattress if you are not a fan. Seriously, this house looks so cozy and lovely to me. I personally would like to pay it a visit and stay there for some time. I don’t know about you but I would like to live there if I could.

Feeling creative already? I hear you. Really, adding a hammock floor is a brilliant way of using up untouched space or spaces you never thought existed before. It helps open up the space vertically creating height and it let more light in. With this, you get a wider, more spacious and brighter home. You could turn your dead space into a cool play area, additional sleeping space or an awesome seating space for reading, contemplating or chilling out place. It is an amazing spot for both children and adults alike to relax or have fun.