Magnificent Reconstruction of a Rural Home in Cerdanya, Spain

Renovation is part of making our house beautiful so it can stand out from the other houses in the neighborhood. Most of us considered renovating our house in order to make it look good and secure its original materials. The word renovation also means transforming the style and design of our house into something that will upgrade its materials to have an elegant and modern look.

Today, we will see how the designer made a contemporary renovation of a Rural Home in La Cerdanya, Spain. The designer said that they keep the volumes of the existing buildings in order to rehabilitate their facades and roofs. They also utilized a roofing system where there is no bonding material between timber and tiles. Let us see more of the awesome details of the interior and exterior of this Rural Home through the images below.

Rural Home Stone walls in the exterior and the floor as well highlighted the main elements in the environment.

LED lights LED lights installed in the exterior also add charm and elegance in the exterior.

green plants Arrayed green plants in the landscape also augment the natural beauty of the surroundings, right?

wooden sofa set Here’s the wooden sofa set in the interior that matches perfectly with the stoned walls and concrete floor.

grey floors You may perceive how the wooden chairs perfectly jive with the grey floors and wooden ceilings.

classy furniture Well-lighted living space may certainly underline the expensive and classy furniture here.

dining area Extraordinary design of the chandelier hanged above the dining area creates an artistic mood in the house.

living space A spacious area in the house with black, white and brown color makes this living space comfortable.

Rural Home The client may take the full advantage of the panoramic views in the exterior through the floor-to-ceiling sliding glassed doors in the terrace.

staircase area Wooden and concrete materials in the dining space and staircase area highlighted a modern and cozy indoor space.

Wooden art works Wooden art works are displayed in the walls in the staircase stressed the main elements in the house.

Black stairs Black stairs and stone wall creatively display an artistic attraction here.

bedroom Soft and cotton material in the bedroom is blended well with the fabulous lights installed here.

modern fixtures Colorful tiles exclusively match with the expensive and modern fixtures in the bathroom.

elegant interior Vibrant lights are well installed in the living space that provides a very elegant interior.

Rural Home Even in the exterior the incredible lights creates an exceptional ambiance.

As we have witnessed the different areas of the house above, we can surely admire the specific area that was the best result of the renovation. Like for instance the badju and old haystack became a large covered and open space. The Dom Arquitectura also created large spaces in a rural environment, where the surrounding privileged views became part of the interior. In fact, I was astonished with the stone walls in the interior that creates a different texture and great charm. We hope that we have shared something new to you that will enhance your house interior or exterior, too.