Interesting and Geometric Edgy Tiles for Decorative Walls

For some, a plain wall is already okay but for many, having a wall that has a beautiful design would certainly be better. That is why there are some products that we can use to add some depth and design to our walls. Just the Edgy Tiles that we will feature today. This is a collection of two tiles wherein the other one is three-dimensional while the other is two-and-a-half dimensional. This could be used both for the interior and exterior or even partially or for the entire wall.

The three-dimensional tile is made up of asymmetrical surfaces that fold into one plane thus forming a hexagon. It shows a playful design of concave and convex planes and accentuates one another. Meanwhile, the two-and-a-half-dimensional version seems to imitate some volume despite its flatness. When both are combined together, you will get an interesting wall design.

The tiles can be used for the entire wall or even just some part of it. The result is still stunning!

Tanja Lightfoot The concave and convex planes of the three-dimensional tile accentuate one another.

Kaza Concrete What is good about these tiles is that you can use it for the interior as well as the exterior too.

Edgy Tiles Take a look at this wall using white tiles. It does look like a cloud, right?

Edgy Tiles Each of the tile were sculpted from a hexagonal base. It does have an interesting shape!

Edgy Tiles It also come in different colors like the ones above and this gray and white versions of the tiles.

Edgy Tiles When combined together, the tiles look amazing as each one complements with the other.

Edgy Tiles And here is the flat tile design which also look beautiful even without the three-dimensional tiles.

This tile design is done by Patrycja Domanska and Tanja Lightfoot for Kaza Concrete. It is a good idea to combine the two tiles for the wall as its tactile difference enables the user to compose a multitude of patterns. This allows flexibility as well as individuality. The tiles can be used in different ways from decorative surfaces, guidance systems, or it can even be integrated into corporate identities. I can see that this would look great for the bedroom or even as a wall accent in the living room too.