Embellish Your Bathrooms with these 20 Styles of Faucets

In designing or remodeling our bathrooms, a faucet may seem to be unimportant as an add-on in the grand scheme of things. You should have an equal thought in finding or choosing the best faucet as you do to your bathroom sinks and tubs, analyzing how would your sinks and tubs affect your choice of faucet and in vice versa. Furthermore, our faucets should also be a counterpart on other hardware on your bathrooms, such as towels racks, hooks, and toilet paper holder.

Some designers and homeowners would believe that faucets are to be the focal point of the bathroom that’s why some are willing to spend lots of money recognizing that it’s the feature of the bath that matters. Bathroom faucets come in different variations or choices; it can be wall mounted, wide-spread, single hole, sink or deck mounted and many more that would definitely fit the design you have in your bathrooms.

1. Eurostyle Single Hole Bathroom Faucet with Single Handle

single handle Bathroom faucets featured


This Eurostyle Cosmopolitan offers a unique design proposal for modern bathrooms that utilizes an astute mix of simple curves and flowing forms.

2. Embrace

heart shape Bathroom faucets featured


Single-hole faucet with joystick handle in an elegant curved levers appearance.

3. Hansa Latrava

straight style Bathroom faucets featured

Octopus Design

A simple designed faucet with a surprising feature, creates cascades of water which usual faucets doesn’t do.

4. Transparent Tube

transparent Bathroom faucets featured

Hego Water Design

Unique style with a transparent body making it looks stylish.

5. Two Handle Water Sense

two handle Bathroom faucets featured


Have something different on your bathrooms like a genie lamp-shaped faucet with a two handle.

6. Waterfall Vessel

waterfall Bathroom faucets featured


Minimalist and trendy style with a touch of waterfall effect on a faucet will be an additional elegance and modern touch to your bathrooms.

7. Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucets

wall mounted Bathroom faucets featured


Add difference on your bathroom with this unique angular-shaped wall mounted faucet. This is ideal on your vessel sinks.

8. Deck Mount Modern LED Faucets

LED Bathroom faucets featured

Light in the box

This modern style faucet has built-in LED lights that changes colors when the water changes temperature.

9. Amoroso Design

rubbed bronze Bathroom faucets featured


This trendy oil rubbed bronze faucet make the look of your bathrooms upscale.

10. 90 Degree One-Handle Low Arc Bathroom Faucet

one-handle low arc Bathroom faucets featured


This bathroom faucet has one-handle lever design for easy use.

11. Sonus Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

ceramic Bathroom faucets featured


This elegant faucet made of hydroplast ceramic is perfectly made for your basin-style sinks that would look so stylish.

12. Holt Deck Mount Vessel Faucet with Pop-up Drain

deck mount Bathroom faucets featured


This simple vessel faucet is a modernized update to timeless classic offers an alluring polish on modern appeal on bathrooms.

13. Targa Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

targa single handle Bathroom faucets featured


A European craftsmanship that is a very stylish accessory that would polish your new basin vessel.

14. L3900 Single Handle Centerset Pull-out Spray

L3900 centerset Bathroom faucets featured


The very unique faucet is equipped with a single handle that controls temperature and volume control and a pull-out spray nozzle.

15. Waterfall Faucet

tap basin Bathroom faucets featured

Wenzhou Bela Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

If your bathroom is superior in quality and elegance, this waterfall faucet may be a best choice.

16. Sirius Single Handle Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet

sirius wall mounted Bathroom faucets featured


This stylish natural water stream faucet fits to your sleek bathrooms.

17. Versa Single Hole Mount Bathroom Faucet with Single Handle

single hole Bathroom faucets featured


This sleek and solid modern faucet just fits on your new modern bathroom sinks.

18. Streamline Custom Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

custom streamline Bathroom faucets featured

Angelica Henry

This is a motion-sensor streamlined faucet that creates a waterfall effect and adds a luxury look onto bathrooms.

19. Laminar Faucet Mirror

laminar mirror Bathroom faucets featured


Get an uber contemporary bathroom design with this laminar faucet that is installed in a mirror.

20. Two-Handle Modern Faucet

modern two handle Bathroom faucets featured


This modern style faucet with wide opening crater has a water splash effect that adds style to your sink.

Nevertheless, before you come into deeper details about your bathrooms you must always put into consideration the design that you have. Is your bathroom contemporary, rustic, classic or traditional, once you have answered this question everything about bathroom decorations and fixtures follows and would come into place. Choosing any finishing fixture will always depends on what style you have.