15 Dining Rooms in Red, Black and White Colors

Like other spaces in the house, we would also combine different colors for the dining room. We do that not just because it is fun to do so but because it will bring in more beauty to your interior, fit in the kind of personality you want and make it even more inviting for guests. Today, we will show you another lovely yet easy color combination that you can use for your dining area.

Here are 15 dining rooms in red, black and white. Red is a bold color which of course stands out from the other two. It is usually used for walls and chairs but you can also see it on other accents of the dining rooms. Meanwhile, black and white could either dominate the space or just come in little accents. You will understand what we mean once you see the images below. Expect to see a mix of interiors from modern to traditional ones. But whatever kind of space it is, we are sure that you will agree with us that red, black and white look great together!

Kiriat-Ono Apartment

Apartment in Kiriat-Ono


Nothing beats the beauty of sleek and clean design! Just look at this modern dining room with red chairs! The wallpaper is lovely too!

Asian Style Dining

Asian Style Color Dining

Konstantin Andreev

The design of the chairs is beautiful and we love how it was arranged in alternating white and red. This industrial-modern dining room is a sure win!

Spinnaker Dining Room

Spinnaker Development

Spinnaker Development

The light is from Arteriors named Cluster made a huge difference to the look of the area. The captain’s chairs were custom made & upholstered while the side chairs are from Restoration Hardware.

Eco-Rehabarama House


Nest Designs LLC

This dining space is adjacent to the kitchen and the living area in a very open floor-plan. The red barn door made from recycled materials is a bold item in the area. We love the pop of red against the neutral walls!

Miami Beach Modern Dining

Miami Beach

Pepe Calderin Design

Callacata gold marble flooring gives this dining area some sheen but what we love most is the design of the walls.

Minimal Dining Area: Mountain Retreat

Mountain Retreat - communal space

Resolution: 4 Architecture

The open layout of the house as well as the windows around it gives it an airy feel. The colors of the space is lovely too!

The Dining House at Ocean

The House at Ocean

Sergey Harenko

A sunken dining area adorned with beautiful star pendant lights!

Red Glass Cabinetry

Red Cabinetry

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

English Walnut marble floor tiles paired with Crimson and White cabinets give a strong impact to the appeal of both dining and kitchen areas.

Dining Room: Cottage

Living Room, Cottage

Julia Ponomareva

A modern dining room charmed by the red kitchen cabinets, red bar stools and window treatments. That arc floor lamp is stunning too!

White Pine Dining Area

Portland Transitional

Jaffa Group Design Build

We like how this dining area was designed. Aside from the chairs, the centerpiece and chandelier are really gorgeous!

Dining Island

Dining Island Red Black White

Marina Babkina

A red pendant light above the dining set add more beauty to the space. The floor tiles have patterns that bring in some life to the area.

Palma Plaza Dining Space

Palma Plaza

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

We adore this dining room! The bench is just elegant! The designers gave a tip about the flooring: “White Oak flooring with a couple coats of Minwax Ebony will give you a very similar look. Dark floors are certainly harder to keep clean looking.”

Camilla Molders Design

Camilla Molders Dining Design

Camilla Molders

That wall art made all the difference for this dining area! The red chairs look good with it too.

Eclectic Modern Tudor Dining

Modern Tudor Dining

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Well, the dining area may be small but it sure is charming with its Saarinen Tulip Table and Kartell FL/Y Suspension Lamp.

Traditional Dining Home With Cottage Flair

Traditional Home

Becki Peckham

“The formal dining room has an elegant rustic style, with an antique buffet from St. John’s and fabric-covered slippered chairs. The red and black dining chairs offer a dramatic contrast against the white wainscoting,” defined the designer.

Told you so! These three colors that we have seen in the dining rooms above really turned the areas into total stunners! Since we have created a list with a variation of styles, you can always choose which one will fit your taste. Well, whatever you choose, we are sure it will look good because red, black and white combination will never fail! But you can always go with dining rooms with a single motif when we talk about colors like the beige dining room or other colors you have in mind. But as always, you can always add some fun accents to it too.