20 Unique Planters in Dining Rooms

Dinner will be more pleasing with plants in the dining area.

This list may be something that you have anticipated because of the other lists I made about a similar subject has been out there. Believe me when I say that for a moment there, I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete this list because dining rooms do not really have plants on them – at least that’s what I thought so.

The list below is the basic 20 Unique Planters in Dining Rooms that would somehow complete the living room, bathroom, bedroom and dining room combination. This list covers a couple of planter designs that we might have already seen before while other are quite fun and really interesting. Take a look at the list below and tell me what you think about them!

1. Bella Mare

Bella Mare

Deborah Wecselman Design, Inc.

Look at the circular planters seen atop the dining room table. The planters may look like they are small food bowls and I think that it’s adorable. The color of the chairs in here somehow complements the colors of the succulents on the planters.

2. Brentwood

SVZ Interior

SVZ Interior Design

This corner table is something simple but really neat. It’s basically a contemporary dining space with the best seats and a neat table plus an admirable picture on the wall. The planter on the table showcases a unique set of plants. I think it’s really fresh and beautiful.

3. California Ranch

California Ranch

Dufner Heighes Inc.

This California home sure is close to nature because of all the wood used in here that complements the other materials in here like the white walls and glass windows and definitely the large stone tiles on the other side of the wooden buffet table with the bonsai on it.

4. Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranchz

Deborah Wecselman Design, Inc.

The orchids and the small plants in this living space are just wonderful. The black and white combination of the furniture and decorations in here is quite a treat actually. I love the rectangular ottoman seen on the side of the dining room though. How about you?

5. Dornbusch Residence

Dornbusch Residence

Manou Design Group

I think the red orange planters seen on top of the table is quite a charmer. The fact that it’s the color that is different from anything in this space makes it really stand out; also, the pendant lamps above the table is pretty cool too.

6. Farm Lane

Farm Lane

Dcasa Ltd.

A pretty white space that looks not only divine but heavenly! The hints of grey seen in this space makes a whole lot of difference since this would surely look like a hospital or something if it’s all white. Two vases and a planter sit on the table which I think is just wonderful.

7. Garay Residence

Garay Residence

Swatt | Miers Architects

What an incredible view this home has! The thought of having a view this nice without the glass windows is a crime! Good thing the designers made sure that the people living in here would be able to see this blessing every day! Having a living room with this view is great, but the dining room is not as bad.

8. Golden Beach

Golden Beach

Deborah Wecselman Design, Inc.

Believe it or not, I usually associate white homes with waterfront homes – maybe because when you actually search for beach or waterfront homes in the internet, it’s usually a white and blue combination, but for the most part, even in this color combination, the white and brown combination is just right!

9. Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Casabella Interiors

I can’t say if the plants on the mantle are actually real or not but they sure look like something ideally made for hedges only bigger of course! The shape of the planters is just fascinating and unique, I don’t know what it is but this dining area is just calming.

10. Harbour Way

Harbour Way

Deborah Wecselman Design, Inc.

Notice how the cute planters in here resemble the one in the beginning of this list. The shape is a bit different and even the size and material but the way it looks is pretty much the same. The plants are succulents, if I am not mistaken and I think it looks like moss or something.

11. Hingham Shipyard

Hingham Shipyard

Casabella Interiors

A vintage-inspired dining area with an awesome color palette that I think is just gorgeous! The raw color of the wooden table and the chairs and the paint color of the buffet tables and the mirrors is just crazy neutral but really stunning! It looks really fancy and very much charming.

12. Holmdale

Holmdale NJ

YZDA | Yoshida + Zanon Design Atrium

I can’t believe how stunning the drum chandelier is in this space! I know that is not the topic of this list but I think that this surely looks superb! Of course, let us not forget to admire the beautiful white and black (or it is grey) planters on the dining table and beside the buffet table!

13. Inner Mission Penthouse

Inner Mission

SVZ Interior Design

What do you think about the awesome trio on the right side of this dining room photo? I know stuff like this one usually ends up in the patio or even outdoors, but why not take it indoors and enjoy the compliments that you’d be getting from your friends!

14. Porto Vita

Porto Vita

Deborah Wecselman Design, Inc.

It may really be far off of this photo, but I think that the planter in this photo is pretty and somehow vintage. It may be something that connects everything that is inside this dining space – the dining room set, the carpet, the picture on the wall and the classy chandelier.

15. Presidential Estate

Presidential Estate

Deborah Wecselman Design, Inc.

This dining room is quite distracting; maybe it’s the picture on the wall or that of the plants seen in here. The plants and the planters in here are actually lovely and really unique, but I can’t say what exactly somehow distracts me. In general though, I think this is one fancy space.

16. Riverdale Apartment

Riverdale Apartment

Touijer Designs

Call it what you want, but the rectangular planters on the table is just cute! They house cute succulents that are good decor pieces but also fun distractions inside the house. Their cuteness is somehow similar to that of the mini cacti that we used to see even before succulents became popular.

17. Robshaw

Sky Series

Room & Board

A large plant which I think is just beautiful! Honestly, there are times when I think non-flowering plants are prettier especially when you want to simply add greens in your home. The painting on the wall is just interesting and really beautiful too – aside from the chairs in this dining room.

18. Russian Hill

Russian Hiller

John Maniscalco Architecture

The planter and the dining room may be a bit away in this photo, but I think since the planter is quite large, we can still see it from this angle. Of course I wish that there is a far better photo than this one from this home, but I think this space is still a stunner!

19. Salt Marsh Road

Salt Marsh

Casabella Interiors

Another example of a lovely planter placed on the dining room table which I can’t clearly tell if it’s actually a living plant or a decorative one – either way, this plant and planter combination is really pretty and something I think anyone could consider placing in their own dining rooms.

20. Uncle Venies Road

Uncle Venies

Casabella Interiors

I think that as a finale for this list, this dining room from Casabella Interiors is pretty much it. It’s stunning; it’s classy and very much sophisticated. I like how they opt to cover their chairs to somehow match the color of the table and pretty much the entire room, it’s perfect! Not to mention the wonderful planters and plants!

Like me, I wish that you have enjoyed this list because not only was this list fun to collect, but I think that this is one awesome list. The dining spaces were already pretty as they were but with greens added to them – they became so much more. Go ahead and take a look at the 20 Stunning Bedrooms with Nice Planters and share them with your friends!