20 Conventional Dining Rooms with Wallpaper Murals

We have seen a couple of rooms which we featured with wallpaper murals – living rooms and bedrooms too. Today, we will be showing you pictures of dining rooms with most coveted wall decor of all time. Instead of focusing on all modern or all contemporary or all traditional dining rooms – we will be showing you a mix of everything in between, from the classics down to the modern ones.

Like before, the design of the wallpaper murals range from nature, like trees, flowers and the like, up to pictures of buildings to faces of people. People like wallpapers coz it can be personalized and it has more story than just a paint job. Now, let us go ahead and get a kick-start for the 20 dining rooms that we have. Enjoy!

Asian Dining Room

Asian Dining

Image: Utopia Lifestyle

The Asian print in the walls sure is pretty. It showacases the traditional chinese homes etched in the horizon.

Connecticut Estate

Connecticut Estate

Image: Crisp Architects

This second picture that we have also showcase an Asian touch – this time, we are seeing an elephant with royal people riding it.

Coordonne 1

Coordonne 1

Image: catalinaestrada.com

If you have seen Catalina Estrada’s work, all of it seems all pretty. This wallpaper sure brings a different angle of this home, it gives more “uggh” to the entire design.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Image: Design Loft Interiors

We all love portraiture – this one sure is a great example. It is really pretty in a simple dining room which highlights the entire place and serves both as a wall decor and an accent wall.

Dining Room with Boston Wall Mural

Boston Wall

Image: eazywallz.com

Here is an example of seeing the city in your very dining room! This is a picture of the Boston horizon with its beautiful lights.

Dramatic Dining Room in Hollywood

in Hollywood

Image: Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Look at this dining room which seems really small, but really cute. The color palette is very neutral and the choice of the wallpaper matches the simplicity of the room, but at the same time highlights it.

Modern Wall Mural for Dining Room

Modern Walls

Image: wallmuralsgallery.com

We are sure girls will love this room! Everything else is black and white – which is definitely sophisticated. Adding the pink cushioned chairs sure did a lot of magic to this room!

Peninsula Dining Room

Penin sula

Image: Grainda Builders

This traditional dining room with a pretty set of chairs, console and a china cabinet is highlighted with the chandelier and the very beautiful wallpaper mural that shows a river around an island with high plants.

Prunus In Rusty

Prunus In

Image: Fromental

Here is another wallpaper design in a larger dining room which showcase a subtle design of branches of a tree which look a little like a cherry blossom but we can never say for sure. What is important is that, it may be simple but really pretty.

Walter Durham House Renovation

Walter Durham

Image: Archer & Buchanan Architecture

A classic design of a wallpaper is usually of mountains and trees just like the one impersonated in this simple traditional dining room.

2011 Serving Up Style

Serving Up

Image: Serving Up Style

Looking at this dining room design, we are able to see how street-like it could be. It looks like a graffitti on your own home.

Casa Paralea

Casa Paralea

Image: JMA Interior Decoration

With the Chinese bamboo design in this walls, it makes us think that this is another Asian themed dining room. It sure looks really simple and classy.

Dining Room with Deers Wall Mural

with Deers

Image: eazywallz.com

Talk about being close to nature. This wallpaper design sure brings us a little bit closer to deers in the forest. The simple colors that were used made it more unique.

Forest Park Dining Room Mural

Forest Park

Image: Peter Engelsmann

Entering this dining room makes us imagine being inside a room where Alice in Wonderland can actually be. It seems like we are inside a home by this beautiful site.

Arcadia Estate

Arcadia Estate

Image: Phoenix Architecture

Isn’t this a marvelous site to see everytime you eat your meals? The place looks so serene. The interior design of this dining room totally matches the wallpaper mural.

Dining Room in San Francisco

San Francisco

Image: Art Studio Sergey Konstantinov

The pretty mural in the wall sure is so marvelous, anyone who will be seeing it will be in awe. The simple colors and design is a classic – this sure is sophisticated and really a charmer.

Traditional Dining Room

Traditional Baby

Another traditional dining room with its classic look – the wooden table and chairs, the pretty china cabinet and a really lovely pair of chandelier. Although the design of the wallpaper is not made floor to ceiling – the beauty sure is exemplary.

Contemporary Dining Room in New York

New York

Image: David Howell Architecture Interior Design

A simple painting-like design for the wallpaper. It sure makes up a lot for this very large space with really huge walls.

Globus Builder Traditional Dining Room

Globus Builder

Image: Globus Builder

A pretty dining room that can pass for a country themed home – the simple flower-like wallpaper in blue background sure stands out while contrasting itself from the white floor.

Eclectic Dining Room

Eclectic Eclectic

Image: Dennison & Dampier Interior Design

And for the last room we have for you guys – an example of an eclectic dining room with a black and white wallpaper mural that can actually pass for a scene in Little Women. A classic piece.

That completes our 20 Conventional Dining Rooms with Wallpaper Murals! We bet everyone is excited for the weekends, because we here in Home Design Lover sure are – we are happy to be able to share this wonderful collection of yet another classic piece of art that we can use for our very homes! We also have 15 Wonderfully Designed Mural Wallpapers in the Bedroom and 15 Living Rooms with Interesting Mural Wallpapers. More to come and happy weekend!