20 Red Bed Linens for Your Bedrooms

Red may be one of the colors that showcase great passion – for things seen and unseen. When we associate this color to materials at home like furniture or even linens for that matter makes it a statement piece. Ever noticed that red is a common color used for accent walls? Whether it is in the bedroom, living room or even in the kitchen, this color is made to make spaces more classy and special.

What we have prepared for you today is a list about red bed linens that is sure to make your beds happier; of course that is not literal, but the bedrooms that will be showcasing today is a bedroom that looks lighter and happier because of the choice used for the linens. Plain or printed, the linens that you will seeing today will surely lighten up your day.

1. Langley Ave

Red Bed Linens

Steele Consulting Group

This bedroom in 4743 Langley Ave sure is made brighter because of the red linens and the red drapes, do you agree?

2. Borrego Sherpa and Berber Throw Blanket Set

Borrego Sherpa

Cozy Beddings

Red beddings and red pillowcases makes this white bed charming and comfortable.

3. Ava Oversized Cotton Quilt

Ava Oversized


Pretty stuffy bed right? It sure is looking comfortable too!

4. Hilfiger

Hilfiger Prep

Bedding Style

Looks a bit masculine but this will surely be fun for anyone to have!

5. Honeymoon Red Linen Set

Red Bed Linens The name of this bedding set sure is ideal for its look – what do you think?

6. King Dawson

King Dawson One king-sized bed to go! Take my money already!

7. Lattitude Comforter Set

Lattitude Comforter

American Home Fashion

Simple and casual bedding set for any bedroom.

8. Le Vele Roses

Vele Roses

Pacific Star

This color combo of black and red always look great – whatever the amount of the colors are.

9. Newquay Red Gingham

Gingham Duvet

Dove Mill

Here is a simpler and more traditional approach to red linens for the bedroom.

10. Plain Red Embroidered Linens

Red Bed Linens

Yous Home Textile

However stuffy this bed looks, it sure is fancy looking and striking!

11. Red Capucine Bedding Range

Capucine Bedding

Ralph Lauren Home

I love the bed and the bedding-divider combo that this bedroom has!

12. Versailles Embroidery Comforter

Victoria Classics

Victoria Classics

The fun pillows on this big bed sure complements the look of this entire bedroom!

13. Chinese Silk Duvet Covers

Home Garden I love the fancy silk finish to this red bed sheets.

14. Creative Red Linens

Creative Red Ideal for a kids bedroom or a teenager – love the stars accenting the red bed sheets.

15. Gold Feather Pattern Red Bed Sheets

Red Bed Linens I know that we are talking about linens here, but the headboard of this bed sure looks fancy and vintage.

16. Tencel Satin

Embroidery Tencel The classic embroidery done on this linens looks really expensive. I wouldn’t mind paying more for comfort, wouldn’t you?

17. Peacock Phoenix Print Oriental Bedding Set

Peacock Phoenix I love the peacock design of this red bedding set! The details on the peacock feathers is really beautiful.

18. Red and Yellow Duvet Covers

Yellow Duvet Didn’t expect this color combination would look really nice.

19. Red Floral Comforter Bedding Set

Floral Comforters Flowers are usual in red beddings or any bedding set for that matter. It’s a classic and sure will forever be a beautiful thing.

20. Yarn Dyed

Red Bed Linens


Another floral bedding set in all its glory. Fancy great linens? I know I do.

Whatever the color combination you want for your bedding set; because there are a lot of options out there – there are a lot considerations I know, whether it is the price, the design or designer, the thread count or the color in itself, choosing the comfort is always the worth it move, that’s for sure. Check out the 15 Black and White Bedding Sets for more linen inspirations.