20 Queen Size Canopy Bedroom Sets

Canopy beds are those awesome four-poster beds with the decorative fabric or that of a mosquito net like fabric used that cover the four corners. Some of the canopy beds are not the four-poster bed type; instead, a ring is on top the bed and still has that fabric or mosquito net fabric. These fabric used are both decorative and functional, and I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.

Today, we will be showing you a list of 20 Queen Size Canopy Bedroom Sets that will surely impress you. Some of the bed designs are superb and unique while others are simple and works well with traditional to contemporary bedrooms, take a look and be impressed with them! Here we go!

canopy bedroom set

1. Royale Golden Cleopatra

canopy bedroom set

Mallery Hall

If you want to feel like Cleopatra, this bed is for you! This is indeed glamorous and fancy – maybe even expensive!

2. Bed Frame Vintage Design

bed frame design

Furniture Savings

One homey iron bed dressed in white. The tiny white furniture in this space is pretty too!

3. Canopy Bed Frame Queen Luxury Design

luxury canopy design

Zuo Mod

Big luxurious bed with awesome drapes and pillow set up! Did you notice that the bed matches the bedside table?

4. Clearwater White

black white bed design

Kanes Furniture

This is one wonderful white canopy bed; this white bedroom sure is highlighted with the beddings used in the bed.

5. Contemporary Canopy Bedroom

Contemporary Canopy

John Adler Designs

How do you find this large canopy bed? This is one gorgeous bedroom with white drapes and cute night stand.

6. Contemporary Queen Size Canopy Bed

Queen Size canopy design

Canopies for Beds

Looking at the large windows of this bedroom makes the drapes of this canopy bed useful than decorative.

7. Elegant Canopy Bed Frame

canopy bedroom design

Home Styles Furniture

Home Styles features this beautiful white canopy bed and is associated with white furniture on the sides.

8. Princess Emily Carriage Canopy

Princess canopy

Powell Furniture

This canopy bed was made for our little princesses or little sisters! It looks cute with all the wheels and the four corners of the bed.

9. Jessica McClintock

princess bed frame design

Lea Industries

This beautiful canopy bed has this awesome details on the top portion of the canopy and the posts too! Using a floral bedding set makes it all girly.

10. London Canopy

wood canopy design

AMB Furniture

This is one large canopy bed that I will personally love to have in my house for my brother or for the guest bedroom!

11. Naples Queen Canopy Bed

canopy bedroom set

Home Styles

Another beautiful contemporary canopy bed from Home Styles! Simple design of the posts and the frame; you can always add drapes to this bed whenever you want to!

12. Canopy Bed Set

royal design canopy bed

J. Scott Interiors

I love dark chocolate so there is no way that I wouldn’t love this bed at all! The bed along with the cabinet and night stand is just beautiful!

13. Royal Kahala

fancy canopy design

Lexington Home Brands

This is one contemporary canopy bed that sure is fancy and classy at the same time!

14. Four Poster Canopy Bedroom Set

Shenandoah Valley

Jamie Scott Interiors

The color of this bedroom set is just stunning! Adding plants inside the bedroom is always great for fresh air and added feeling of nature.

15. Simple Canopy Queen Size Bed

all-white canopy bed

Kathy Kuo Home

If you have seen the all-white canopy bed and furniture a few pictures above this – here is one example of an all wooden canopy and furniture in brown.

16. Wilshire

canopy bedroom design

Lifestyle Solutions

Here is another canopy bed with a contemporary feel with all the added decorations and furniture!

17. Flaunting Decorative Canopy

contemporary canopy bedroom


Feel like staying in bed all day? Here is one contemporary bedroom that makes you feel like you are in Bali or in a resort somewhere in the Caribbean!

18. Talia Pearl

female canopy bed

Furniture of America

Talis is one canopy bed created and design for females! The design of the bed frame and head board sure looks crazy beautiful!

19. White Canopy Bed

White Canopy Bed

West Elm

Tufted ottomans, armchairs and bed frame and head board! Pretty awesome right? Love the entire feel and look of this bedroom.

20. White Princess Canopy Bed

canopy bedroom set

Elle Decor

Here is one canopy bed staged beside a chandelier and cute white night stand. The details on the canopy bed sure is special and beautiful.

There you have it ladies and gents! An awesome list of queen sized canopy beds in its full glory! I can imagine what ran through your mind while checking out the pictures because you know for yourself that everyone sure have that canopy bed ideal for them – women and men alike! Hope this list have impressed you and will make you want to have one like this!