20 Contemporary Bedrooms with Balcony

Isn't it nice to have a balcony in your bedroom? Here are some inspirations for you.

Balconies in homes are something not every home has – this beautiful thing is usually added to a home as per instruction or suggestion of a home owner. As somehow who is into home and design, I think that balconies are but spaces that are best paired with a stunning view. Of course, this is not the case always, but if you do not really have a view to enjoy, what does this balcony do for you?

We make it a point to really be practical and be conscious about the choices we make in our day to day lives – and this is no different in choosing what to have in your home construction; whether or not to add a balcony, maybe a lanai or a terrace – these things are taken into consideration and asking your Architect about it might actually help. Below is a list of 20 Contemporary Bedrooms with a Balcony and I think you should check them out and tell us what you think because this is definitely something we’d love to hear.

bedroom balconies

1. ARA Residence

ARA Residence

Swatt | Miers Architects

First on our list is this white bedroom which is accented with red things – bed sheets, carpet and pillows. With a view of the trees outdoors, I think waking up in the morning and seeing them would mean a start of a beautiful day!

2. Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Padxx

Inhabit Design

This Las Vegas bedroom showcases a stunning bachelor pad that sure has the luxury and comfort any guy could actually want for his own space. The colors of this bedroom is actually real neat, but I guess it needs a bit more blue and it’s good to go!

3. Baird

Malcolm Davis

Malcolm Davis Architecture

Having a telescope in the bedroom sure looks like something you only see in magazines or in movies, but seeing this bedroom makes me kind of optimistic about people into stars and the galaxy. Aside from being real neat for being in this bedroom, I’m pretty sure that the home owner added this telescope for functional purposes.

4. Hampstead Hill Gardens

Hill Gardens

Stephen Fletcher Architects

Looks like the color combination in this bedroom actually works. The red chair against the apple green drapes just looks rather pleasing; with a balcony this large, I think going outside to drink your coffee and read your newspaper would always seem looked forward to.

5. Lighthouse 65

Lighthouse 65xx

AR Design Studio Ltd.

There are a couple of bedrooms in this project that looks really nice. This home is indeed one modern space to be in and well – pretty much enjoyed. It seems to me that this home is one modern home anyone would love to explore and even own.

6. South Residence

Southland Build

Southland Building & Remodel

Aside from having a classy look with its black and white combo – seeing this bedroom seems inspiring because of how neat they made the black really look – appealing and easy. The large bed is real nice, especially the sweet vintage chair just sitting pretty beside it – see what I did there?

7. Vail Residence

Blueline Architect

Blueline Architects P.C.

See the woman on the balcony? It looks like she is enjoying the view and the fresh air of the outdoors. With a view like, I guess anybody with a balcony would love to hang out and even invite friends over to actually enjoy the said view and Mother Nature in general. A view like this sure is comforting especially when you have been busy and just needs so much rest and calm.

8. Ranch OH

Ranch OH

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

It’s quite unusual for balconies not to have balusters on them – see this balcony in here? It looks like an extension of the bedroom only left out a bit because they decided to place walls around it. Actually, this balcony looks nice but not really child-friendly.

9. The Hillside House

Hillside Housezz

SB Architects

From creating this list, I discovered within myself that bedrooms with glass windows or doors that opens to the balcony actually looks real nice; I think any glass door or window makes homes a bit prettier. With this bedroom, aside from having a neat indoor design, the balcony looks real pretty too!

10. Darlinghurst

Darlinghurst CNC

CNC Building

A black and white bedroom that looks really comfortable and real beautiful. From the design of the window, this place looks like that of hotel or something. I like how they have two different doors that open to the balcony – I have no idea why they did that but it sure looks sweet!

11. Clovelly Beach Renovation

Clovelly Beach

Look Design Group

If I am not mistaken, we see a portion of the beach by the windows. Notice how much windows and doors homes have if they are by the beach? I guess this is because there is tons of view that home owners could feast their senses on. I think you wouldn’t buy a home by the beach without at least a window in it, right?

12. Lima Residence

Lima Residence

Abramson Teiger Architects

This gorgeous home has the most awesome view of that mountain range in there! If I have this much awesomeness by my house, I think this would be the best days if I’m at home. With a stunning bed and comfortable space, I think that this is in fact one of my faves in this list.

13. Bashan Lake

Bashan Lake

Nautilus Architects LLC

I totally love the cabinet/shelf that also serves as a head board for this large bed! According to some Feng Shui books that I have come across, it is not ideal to actually place the foot of you bed to a window or a door, in this case, it does and I’m not sure that it’s a great idea.

14. 441 Project

441 Project

CNC Building

This is just a beautiful example for a bedroom. The black and white combination always makes me happy – I mean, it sure does. Look at this beautiful space and tell us what you do not actually like about this space? There might be a minimal space for the balcony, but the fact that it is there makes it kind of interesting and fun!

15. Fox Hollow Residence

Fox Hollow Reside

2fORM Architecture

The natural look and finish of this bedroom is quite interesting for me. Living in a tropical country, well, anywhere for that matter means that one has to really consider the weather conditions in choosing the best materials to be used in constructing your homes – in here, we see that they used wood and concrete which could mean that it is not that cold in their location.

16. Hollywood Hybrid

Hollywood Hybrid

Marmol Radziner

The wooden panels for the flooring and that wonderful console in front of the bed look really wonderful. Even the bed has this wooden base looks simple but nice too – if you saw the tree trunk on the side, you’d say that you can easily make one; well, you’re right! So, go get one!

17. Mountain Escape

Mountain Escape

Priestley + Associates Architecture

From the name of this residence, this is definitely one escape I would really love to have. With a spectacular like this one and an amazing home, I think that getting out of the city would always be a great idea.

18. San Diego Residence

Southland Building

Southland Building and Remodel

Take me back to a time when people prefer living in suburban homes to enjoy the view and the fresh air that the city cannot offer. Homes like this one that opens to a balcony with an awesome view could always be a great alternative for people who don’t have a place to go to during weekends or the summer.

19. Surfside Chic

Surfside Chic

Donna Elle Seaside Living

This bedroom sure looks heaven decided to recreate one of their rooms in there! The space looks real homey especially because they used wood; it looks real fresh and cozy – plus the large, stuffy bed looks absolutely inviting, the designer of this home sure did one hell of a job!

20. Winkley Workshop

Winkley Workshop

Kirkwood McCarthy

Last on our list is this wonderful yet smaller white bedroom from Kirkwood McCarthy. I totally like this bedroom because of how nicely it was actually done. This space may be small, but they sure did maximize this one as a bedroom; it looks comfy enough to entice people actually.

In conclusion, I think that having a balcony in your house will always depend on you. There are a lot of considerations, but if you really want for your house, go get one! If you like, you can also check out the list we created before about the different balcony furniture that you can use, if you need that furniture inspiration too!