20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Bronze Accents

I am pretty sure that you have seen a couple of our lists that showcase table lamps which are bronze; with that in mind, we have created this list – 20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Bronze Accents! These are beautiful spaces that showcase trinkets inside the bedroom with a hint of bronze in them.

You might see a couple of this room interesting because of the awesome decoration and furniture that they have and maybe crush on some of the items inside the bedroom – not the bronze decors necessarily of course. Take a quick look at the bedroom designs below and tell us what you actually think about them!

bedroom bronze

1. Marlborough Avenue

Bronze Accents bedroom

Colin Cadle

Aside from the fact that the drapes sure look bronze, so is the head board and the lamps in the night stand.

2. Bronze Bed Space

bronze cabinets

Moon Design + Build

Dual purpose wall/head board sure is made prettier because of the wall lamps added to them! Note that the night stand also is connected to wall.

3. Chic Beachhouse

bronze headboard

Shor Home

Simple sunburst mirror atop this gigantic bed! I like the color combination in this bedroom!

4. Chicago Single Family Residence

bronze bedroom design

Van H. Robinson

This Chicago bedroom sure looks expensive and really sophisticated and lady-like! Any woman would love to have this bedroom to herself!

5. Custom Home in the United States

Custom Home

Lori Rourk Interiors Inc.

One beautiful bedroom design and staging from Lori Rourk; note the lovely tall table lamps and the cute chandelier atop the bed.

6. Gaslight Square

Gaslight Square

Abdo Development

Noticed the bronze stand lamp beside the French doors? Yea, me too!

7. Guest Suite in Hollywood Regency

Guest Suite

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Bronze poster bed with a mint touch on the linen choices; pretty awesome.

8. Hollywood Regency Style

Hollywood bedroom design

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

It’s not every day that you see a hanging lamp for the bed side tables right? Here is one beautiful example from Peg Berens.

9. Lake Travis Estate

bronze fireplace

Sendero Homes

One regal space designed for a beautiful home. The lighting fixtures sure are expensive and definitely worth the prize!

10. Los Angeles Country Club Estate

bedroom couch set

Lafia/Arvin, A Design Corporation

This is one large bedroom that can entertain a crowd when there is a chance – sleepovers or tea time!

11. Miami Master Bedroom

Bronze Accents bedroom

RS3 Designs

Bronze, white and grey – this is an extraordinarily stunning combination that will inspire you to be more experimental in color choices.

12. Modern Mountain Vacation Home

Modern bronze bedroom

Dianne Davant and Associates

I like the drum pendant lighting in this space plus the gorgeous bed! What do you actually think about it? Too much, maybe?

13. Northaven

bronze master bedroom

R Brant Design

Here is another awesome pendant light fixture that is one conversational piece!

14. Penthouse Downtown Boston

Penthouse bedroom bronze

Lovejoy Designs

I like the wall paper used as an accent wall in this Boston penthouse and the nice large mirror on the side.

15. Romantic Vintage Teenage Bedroom

Romantic Vintage bedroom

DM Designs

This bedroom may not only be romantic but really pretty too!

16. Aspen Zen

bronze color bedroom

Knudson Interiors

A home in Denver with class and clean lines. The color choice and arrangement in this bedroom is something I like.

17. Dreamweave Bedroom

Bedroom bronze design

Coffinier Ku Design

Coffinier Ku sure did one fascinating job in this bedroom. The details on the wall, the furniture and the decor is just awesome!

18. Miami Beach Historic Preservation

Miami Beach bedroom

Bart Reines Construction

Miami is one beautiful place and if you actually live there, a home like this sure is a plus to one awesome living!

19. Minimalist Mountainside

Minimalist bronze bedroom

Ownby Design

It is sure a minimalist bedroom with awesome glam and sophistication evident in its design and staging.

20. South East Contemporary Bedroom

Bronze Accents bedroom

Woadden Nash Interiors

This indeed is one fascinating bedroom – from the accent wall to the pendant light fixture to the awesome view?

I am sure that you loved this list because of how awesome the bedrooms are – the 20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Bronze Accents is pretty much as stunning as other bedrooms with metallic accents and you know that bronze, silver and gold is the most popular colors used for the best decorations you can add in your home – especially in the bedroom! More to come in Home Design Lover!