20 Heavenly White Drapes for Bedroom

Drapes or no drapes? If you are into them or not, you can imagine all the benefits of having one at home – especially in the bedroom! Aside from its main purpose which is to provide privacy in the bedroom, drapes or curtains also help prevent dust from coming inside the bedroom or rain if the windows are left often and of course, drapes and curtains also add beauty on the interior of a bedroom – something we all want of course!

With all the advantages having drapes in your bedroom, I’m pretty sure that you’d love the bedrooms we have collated to show you 20 Heavenly White Drapes for the Bedroom! The spaces in this list are a pretty one because of the lovely bedroom designs too! I mean, we collated these photos for the drapes though, but still – the rooms are great, take a look!

white drapes bedroom

1. Andy Berman Residence

white drapes bedroom

Style De Vie

Style De Vie created an upholstered bed out of men’s pinstripe suit fabric. For the bench a cushion made from a vintage Italian army blanket sits on a frame of powder coated steel.

2. Aquarelle Drive Project

ple bedroom decor

Kimberly Demmy Design

Simple bedroom decor without too much unused furniture – which is always a good thing!

3. Farmhouse Rises in Vermont

simple design

Mary Prince

Swags are similar to ruching, but the pleats are looser and spaced farther apart, allowing them to fall in soft, rounded festoons.

4. Florida Condo

Florida Condo design

Denizen Design

I like the jewel look that this flush mount fixture creates in the room, especially the rays of light it reflects onto the ceiling.

5. Gallery Park

Gallery Park design

Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design

I like the photographs and the simplicity of the frames and hanging. Also look at the white curtains on the grey wall – very classy!

6. Home in Lake Keowee

double hung windows

Gabriel Builders, Inc.

I don’t like double hung windows but if I need them then the window on top looks good; but note that the drapes on the window makes the room look refreshing and cool.

7. Jackson Contemporary Bedroom

wood room

On Site Management, Inc.

I totally love the entire feel and look of this bedroom.

8. Lighthouse Point

contemporary design

IBI Designs

The contrast of the color palette of this bedroom is simple but classy.

9. Modern Mountain

modern Design

IMI Design, LLC

The space feeling of this bedroom is pretty awesome, don’t you agree?

10. New Canaan Residence

white drapes bedroom

Specht Harpman Architects

The New Canaan Residence has strong lines and classically modern roots.

11. Notting Hill Condo

elegant bedroom

Kelly Hoppen London

This room looks all white from floor to ceiling at first glance, but it does have some tiny timeless details that make all the difference.

12. Notting Hill Townhouse

luxury bedroom

Jimmie Martin California

In a room if this magnificence and splendor, please explain to me what a child’s big toy is doing in it. A beautiful Louis chair or something else would have fit in so nicely. This is out of place. Unless is someone’s fetish?

13. Orange County Bedroom

drape design

Gaetano Hardwood Floors, Inc.

If my bedroom has that awesome view, I don’t think I will be needing the drapes! Haha!

14. Renovation Admirals Cove Condo

plate decorations bedroom

Deborah Freedman Design

Large bed with plate decor atop it, pretty unique for my taste but the color palette is pretty nice.

15. South Beach Chic

bedroom lighting

Dkor Interiors

The bed is just splendid! The minimalist feel of this bedroom is classy and rather modern! I love it!

16. Spruce Street

headboard painting

Upscale Construction

Merging traditional and contemporary design effortlessly can be a daunting architectural challenge; this Presidio Heights residence became a highly successful melding of the two aesthetics.

17. United States Bedroom

executive bedroom

Roy Campana

Whatever that round decor above the bed is just crazy! It is modern, classy and really sophisticated; it pretty much completed the look of this space.

18. Venado Vista House

canopy elegant bedroom

Patty Malone Interiors

Large bed and large sofa – pretty spacious!

19. Webster Residence

white drapes bedroom

Ehrlich Architects

The style and modern feel of this LA bedroom is just cool!

20. Westwind

bedroom fireplace

Moger Mehrhof Architects

The orientation of this bedroom is just heavenly! I want this right now!

This list can definitely be a long one but I have to control myself because of the awesome opportunity I have to create more lists of bedrooms with beautiful drapes completing their look and aura! I sure hope that you liked this list to begin with, if you did, please do leave us comments!