20 Beautiful Bedroom Designs with Gold and Navy Accents

Use gold and navy in the bedroom for a touch of royalty!

I’ve missed writing lists that pertains to color combination, so today, I thought of going back and checking out what are those popular lists about color combinations and write about one. The list for today is all about the combo of gold and navy – it’s basically dark blue or something that quite resemble the dark waters. I’m guessing that this list will pretty much show you how much this combination complement each other and how much they look great as accents in the bedroom.

What you will be seeing below is a list about 20 Beautiful Bedroom Designs with Gold and Navy Accents. I know that you will think that this is but a common combination, but if you take a closer look, even when this is common and even simple, you know and you will see that they are in fact stunning and a great pair. Gold does not only add glitter to spaces, it makes one space a bit brighter, take a look at the list and tell us what you think!

gold navy bedrooms

1. Belcaro Beauty

Belcaro Beauty

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

What do you think about the rare beauty of the head board? I know for a fact that this is one design and material that you do not see every day. The head board and the legs of this bed is in gold, while navy blue throw pillows are added to the bed for accent and design.

2. Charters, Sunningdale

Charters Sunningdale

Alexander James Interior

Another beautiful head board design that sure looks like something that you’ll see in a hotel room. Well, honestly, I have never seen such a beauty among my friends or relatives’ bedrooms. The design is a bit simple, but because it is in gold, you know it looks very nice. The bronze drums of the table lamps is a great addition to this room.

3. A Blogger’s House on a Hill in Maryland

Blogger House

Michaela Dodd

It may be minimal, but you can see the gold lining on the night stands and the head of the table lamps. The navy blue walls sure complements well with the furniture and decoration inside this bedroom. Using the white drapes, the color of the walls were magnified.

4. Country House Master Bedroom

Country House

Oliver Burns

The rectangular ottoman at the foot of the bed has a really nice color and design; even the pillows on the bed are in gold and navy blue – but I think what makes this room most interesting is the high head board that almost touches the molding on the ceiling.

5. Downtown Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis

KBI Interior Design Studios

Now this is one blue bedroom! I think that the owner of this bedroom does not really like blue; insert sarcasm. Notice how much the white and the gold accents in here gave life to this bedroom? As much as the square footage of this bedroom is limited, I guess is enough for the owner.

6. Downtown Penthouse

Downtown Penthouse

Geremia Design

The table lamps in this bedroom are something I actually like. Well, I don’t think it’s that relevant since I won’t be able to see one similar to it in the city that I’m in right now. The design is very fresh and it sure gives life to the plain accent wall of this bedroom.

7. Colorful Craftsman Bungalow

Colorful Crafts

Black Lacquer Design

This bedroom might not be contemporary in design, but look at how comfortable this space looks! The bed looks fluffy and comfortable and really nice to sleep in; the bed frame sure looks expensive too! The gold in this bedroom might not be as obvious as the blue ones, but they sure exist – take a closer look and see them for yourself.

8. Guest Bedroom in San Diego

Perfect Paint

The Perfect Paint Color

Here is one stunning San Diego bedroom; the colors are simple and vibrant, the design is refreshing, the accents are really cute and fun! What do you think about the lamps in here? How about the painting on the wall? How does it make you feel?

9. Marin

Ning Wong

Hoi Ning Wong

Well this is one stunning bedroom! The space is quite large, the furniture are all in white. The wall is in blue and adding gold trimmings made all the difference! I love the fact that there are tons of windows and sky lights in here – the space is definitely bright, open and bright.

10. Navy and Gold Luxe Master Bedroom

Gold Luxe

Karen B Wolf Interiors, Associate ASID

This bedroom is sure looks amazing! All the colors and details in here are quite amusing. The color combination looks really rich and you know that the home owner did not mind spending to have one beautiful and comfortable bedroom! Talk about luxury and style!

11. Talbot Avenue

Talbot Avenue

Jigsaw Interior Architecture

I love the wall paper by the bed; it looks new and interesting. The color combination seen in this bedroom is a treat! The colors blue, gold, black, grey and white indeed made this bedroom a special place for rest and recreation.

12. Tarrytown Remodel

Tarrytown Remodel

Allison Crawford Design

The large bed in this Tarrytown remodel is something anyone would love to have. The bed looks really comfortable and easy to sleep in. The linens used here match with the window drapes and the hints of gold on the curtain rod, the bed frame and the beautiful gold side tables sure made this bedroom all out gorgeous!

13. Westview on the Lake

Design Studio2010

Design Studio2010, LLC

Okay, the only navy and gold in this bedroom is the chairs and the accent table in between them – but I’m right in saying that it made this bedroom all the more beautiful because of their existence, right?

14. Columbia Dream Home

Steven Ford

Steven Ford Interiors

I think that this bedroom is pretty because the bed is large. The accent wall matches well with the bed. This cute bedroom is already pretty in itself with all the navy blue and gold trimmings in it. The contemporary and hotel feel to this bedroom is something that I actually like.

15. West Hollywood

West Hollywood

Preston Lee Design

The feel of this bedroom is a bit like being inside a hotel room or resort; it’s because of the neutral-colored wallpaper and the expensive linens in here; I like the black and gold night stands and that large circular mirror with a drawer on the side – this bedroom sure is something anyone would love to go home to every day!

16. Escala Condominium

Seattle Escala

Michelle Dirkse Interior Design

This Escala condo is adorned with a cute double bed with navy blue linens and hints of gold on it too. The room might actually be simple but the comfort and view that this space has is incomparable.

17. Estates at Cohasset Elkton

Cohasset Elkton

Mary Cook

What do you think about this bedroom? Small trimming of gold and navy blue – the bed sure looks pretty with them in it. This neutral-colored bedroom is not only beautiful to look at, but sure is nice to hang out in too.

18. Master Bedroom Retreat

Bedroom Retreat

Rejoy Interiors, Inc.

Rejoy Interiors did a great job with this bedroom. The color combination is neat – it made this space far more fabulous, stunning and still maintaining its hominess and comfort. With a beautiful view of the outdoors, this bedroom sure is lucky to have fresh air every time they open the windows.

19. Misty Spencer’s Bedroom

Misty Spencer


Sarah Greenman collects the best photos of interiors that sure are interesting and beautiful. This bedroom for example sure is neat, homey and comfortable. The colors in here are great, not only for the eyes, but for the back as well – why did I say that? Because I know that the bed in here will surely be as comfortable as it look – great for our aching backs.

20. Nantucket in Manhattan Beach

Darci Goodman

Darci Goodman Design

Last but not the least is this bedroom in Manhattan Beach. The bedroom is simple, small but it sure looks comfortable and beautiful. The bed is cute and it looks really comfy, the pillows in here have nice colors too. What do you think?

If you will see the list about the the same color combination we used here but only for the bedroom, you will notice that that list in fact a lot of shares, I sure hope that this list today about 20 Beautiful Bedroom Designs with Gold and Navy Accents will just be as fascinating to our Home Design Lover readers and fans! Hope you liked this list; go ahead and share this to your friends!