Water Patio House in Ukraine

A beautiful contemporary house named Water Patio House seats in Odessa, Ukraine. It is situated on an edge of a steep plateau occupying the borderline position of a row of houses. From its position, the homeowners can also get a good view of the sea. The house also opens towards the sea. It has a rectangular pool that enhances the visibility of the sea from the spot of the house. The design of this house has two volumes with a lower and higher block. You can clearly see these volumes in the facade of this house.

The designer created a harmony between the house, sea and garden. With the looks of it, we can say that it has succeeded. In the outdoors, there is a mirador with a barbecue spot and a seating area. It gives the homeowners a great time while in the pool. The house made use of three basic materials, Siberian larch, stucco and copper. Now, scroll down, check the images and get to know more about the Water Patio House.

Water Patio House

The view of the house shows that there is so much space outdoors. You can also see the two volumes of the house. The lower block is for the garage, a storage room and a wellness zone that has a swimming pool, sauna and hammam. The other block is the living block with the living areas and bedrooms.

Ukraine home design

The design of the house has minimum isolation for a couple whose children no longer lives with them dwell here. The owner also has a romantic and pragmatic personality with is seen in the look of this house.

swimming Pool

You can see here the swimming pool that has a simple rectangular shape but there is secret in this simple beauty. It enhances the proximity of the sea.

Pool Lights

The house is named Water Patio which shows that water is its primary feature. The swimming pool that you can see here actually has two parts that can be separated or joined together depending on the season.

Living room set

The living area uses minimal colors and looks contemporary especially with the wooden flooring.

Dining set

Glass walls used in this house make it appear more spacious. You can see here the dining and living areas in an open layout.


This area is the same place with the dining room, lounge zone and a small kitchen. What you can see is a multi-purpose “island” that has a mini bar, a fireplace, audio and visual facilities, a TV set, air-conditioning equipment and a small library.

all-in-one room

Notice the use of glass and wood in this hallway. It looks nice and relaxing too.


From the bedroom, the homeowner can get a good view of the outdoor scene but they can always close the shades when night time comes.

minimal Bedroom

The spacious master bedroom uses shades of gray to give it a minimal look.

Bath Bed

In the master bedroom, there is a master bedroom covered with glass. You can actually see through it from the bedroom like what you can see in the image.


You are looking at the bathroom of this house that also uses wooden flooring and glass materials.

Guest Bedroom

This could be one of the guest bedrooms. The upper floor of this house has two guest bedrooms, the master bedroom and a small library.

lawn area

Lush green grasses, bushes and tall trees surround the house. You can also see the sea that can be seen from the location of this home.

Water Patio House

The design of this house is contemporary which suits its location and also to the design preference of the client.

The interior of this house looks simple but it has magnificent function. Even the distribution of spaces is smartly done. One good feature in the interior is the multi-functional island. In the outdoors, the swimming pool gets the spotlight as it seemingly creates an extension of the sea. This is one great design from Drozdov & Partners. It has successfully created harmony between the sea, the garden and the house.