The Captivating Views of the Hill Country Residence in Austin, Texas

Seated in a sloping topography is a private house that possessed a contemporary concept and style. This house is called as the Hill Country Residence in Austin, Texas. It allows the unique views of the surroundings from the interior of the house as well as the downtown skyline. The client’s aim to create a contemporary house is achieved by the Cornerstone Architects. The designer used stained wood with grey tones in concrete and local limestone for the building.

The designer made sure to provide not just the comfort and luxury to the house but it also secured the sustainability. The sustainable elements in this house are the geothermal heating and cooling, the rainwater harvesting, and the spray foam insulation. This also has a customized roof design to provide passive solar coverage of walls and windows. Now why don’t we take a look at the other parts of the interiors and exteriors of this house to witness the amazing areas in these images of Hill Country Residence below.

Hill Country Residence

There are different lines and textures seen in the floors and walls of this building.

Captivating house Views

The lights in the entrance create a luxurious and relaxing effect from the exterior.

Texas home design

The terrace in this area allows the client to take the full advantage of the natural environment.

living room set

The high quality and excellent materials in the furniture seated in this living room is perfectly arranged by the designer.

hallway design

This hallway proves that wood and limestone is a great combination to come up with elegant interior.


The luxurious chandelier hanged at the top of this dining table displays a great comfort and style.

dining area

The glass material used in the walls is very important so that the natural light can freely access to the interior.

Kitchen design

The smooth and clean floors, walls and ceiling are displayed in this modern kitchen with its stylish chairs.

dirty Kitchen

The plates and other appliances are carefully arranged and set in this contemporary kitchen that will surely provide all the needs of the client.


This bathroom combines the smooth and rough texture of the materials and fixture that made this unique.

Bathroom drawer

The smoothness of the white bath tub in this bathroom creates a contrast from the shower area’s walls.

Study Room

Seating in the corner may be a perfect space for the client to focus on his study while looking at the exterior.


The color and texture of the mattresses jives perfectly with the wooden cabinet in this lovely bedroom.

fireplace living room

The LED lights installed in this living room create a romantic ambiance in this living space at night.

patio design

This spacious exterior is capable of providing a relaxing space at night.

outdoor lighting

The designer makes sure to install the LED lights in its designated area so to highlight the materials in the building even at night.

landscape design

In the late afternoon this is one of the best spot in the house where you can see the panoramic view.

swimming pool

The blue tiles used in this swimming pool maintain its cooling and refreshing effect to the eyes of the client.

house lighting

The chairs placed in the side of this swimming pool give an opportunity for the client to experience the comfort.

Hill Country Residence

The wooden materials used in this customized above ground swimming pool maintains its sustainability and uniqueness.

From the images above, you can see that the architect successfully created this Hill Country Residence. You will certainly love the swimming pool and the exterior of this house especially at night. The lighting materials used here made this exterior stand out from the others. Hence with the brilliant minds and ideas of the Cornerstone Architects they were able to present a sustainably balanced and a captivating home that may mirror the lifestyle and needs of the clients. We hope that you have learned a new idea or ideas from our featured house today.