Romantic Mood and Charm Set in the Holleb Residence in California

We always wanted to have a large house for our family and with that it means we need a bigger space so we can achieve the best areas of the house where we can spend time with our family. Indeed it is true that larger space can also provide larger advantage for the entire members of the family to enjoy the real sense of comfort. Today we will share to you a residential house designed intended for the family of four. This house is named as the Holleb Residence.

Spotted in the Ocean Park which is also a neighborhood of Santa Monica. This is a two-storey house, and on its ground level, the main structure is consists of the garage as well as the guest room from the kitchen. Also you can see the dining and living spaces which flow out into the backyard. On the second level is where the terrace and atrium is located and this provides the intimate privacy between the parents’ suite. Let us scroll down the page and see the amazing areas of the house through the images below.

Holleb Residence Exceptional forms and shapes underscore the elegance and charm from the house design and its surroundings.

California Well-organized and systematically arranged furniture and accessories is revealed in the living space.

dining set Stylish and modern wooden dining set speaks of more functional and durable materials here.

white kitchen area LED lights perfectly matched with the white palette applied in this contemporary and spacious kitchen.

kitchen sink Looking closely at the modern fixture and neat kitchen table that may unveil its cleanliness and trendy design.

light staircase Wooden staircase also adds elegance and underlines its modern statement here.

wooden staircase Exceptional and vintage accessories set in this staircase area also improves its look.

interior design The sustainable lights may also access the interior from the second level of the house.

living room area Flawless and neat sofa is perfectly set in this modern and comfortably living space.

gray sofa set Yellow striped pillows stand out in this light grey sofa that amazingly shows its fabulous design.

living area Looking at the living space, we can see how the designer creatively assigned the different zones and its functions.

office room A colorful and relaxing space for an office room in the second level of the house also allows the client to view the exterior.

glass wall and ceiling Different dimensions and lines is shown from the interior and exterior of this house.

exterior design At night, the pool lights in this garden set the romantic and sophisticated mood in the entire surroundings.

Holleb Residence Here is the Sketch Plan of the house.

Photographed by Benny Chan of Fotoworks, we can clearly perceived how the John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects created a more organize and well-oriented features of the house. I personally like the sculptural staircase and the second floor “cut out” terrace that splits the house into its front and back spaces. Also this residential house differs from the firm’s other houses in its inclusion of many smaller spaces and rooms which are all intended for its specifics uses by its inhabitants. We hope that you will also find this house interesting and inspiring that you may apply in your house, too.