Striking Collection of 15 Houses with Terrace

A terrace is a raised platform that is fully supported by the rest of the house’s facade. Having a terrace built as a part of the exterior of a house may be optional but it is undeniably striking for those houses built to have a few storeys or even just two. Aside from it adding attraction, it also gives a corner for you to relax, have a breath of fresh air or just look over to the the perfect view or simply look around.

The location of the house also gives permission as to how and which part of the house the terrace is going to be built. In one of today’s collection, you will notice the variety of designs as to how each terrace has been made perfect to make the whole house look remarkable. They may be built to the side, to the front or even at the back of the house. Most of the time, what makes it more attractive is the view overlooking a particular site. Click through and find out what could be perfect for you.

West Indies House Design

Intimate Terrace

Weber Design Group, Inc.

Notice the terrace having built overlooking the pool and the paint colors used just perfectly matches the intimacy it projects.

Modern Brick House

Nice Terrace

Archt. Bienvenido C. Negradas, Jr.

Its metal-glass made terrace simply goes along with the modern house’s exterior.


Elegant Terrace


The The terrace is situated in such a way that it could either let you see the sunrise or the sunset. Another perfect view for you.

Mercer Terrace

Contemporary Terrace


Here goes an example of a contemporary house with an its simple yet elegant terrace.

California Sustainable Home

Elegant Terrace

Maienza Wilson

Another example of a terrace that is built to overlook the pool. There could be a front terrace and one at the back as well but notice how relaxing it could be to have one by the pool.

Walk Street Entry Porch Contemporary Exterior

Fine Terrace


Its glass composition makes the house look a lot more sophisticated.

Palo Alto House 1

Simply Cool

Maydan Architects

When space is limited and when simple contemporary style is required, such design would be one good option.

Weekend House

Amazing Terrace

KO+KO architects

The weekend House shown on the photo above has an area of 315 sqm. A simple glass terrace for a Ukrainian client.

Two Storey House

Simple Terrace


The overall house exterior design has its own finesse and would look great on a house situated in a subdivision.

Silver House

Soothing Terrace

Hyde + Hyde Architects

The fascinating views of the Oxwich Point made the owner of this contemporary house with a cool terrace lucky.

Craftsman Style House

Really Cool Terrace


The The design has been made using SU, MaxVRay and Adobe CS5.

Lebanese House

Relaxing Terrace

Pocholo Codilla

For those who have minimal spaces, many would prefer to have their terrace built on top of the garage.

Two storey House

Typical Terrace Design


Another example of neatly built terrace on a minimally spaced house.

Modern House

Terrace in a Box

Pocholo Codilla

Here goes a unique type of a modern house terrace.

Mediterranean House

Simply Nice Terrace


It is also essential to make sure that the colors are in perfect blend. Notice how the railings of the terrace have been matched to the gates and the metal fences.

The things that are supposed to be considered in planning for a terrace would primarily be the space, the location and how it would impact to the whole facade. Well, you already have these examples to guide and inspire you through. But there could be more to this! Should you want to share with us even your own designs, feel free to do so.